Toddlers in the Tub

Cynthia Dermody

baby in bath

Photo by akme10607

It's bathtime around here! Cafe Suzanne in Baby Buzz is talking about how often to bathe infants. And there's a fun poll going on in Toddler Moms that asks how often mamas soak their toddlers (you'll have to join the group to see it). I was surprised to find that a third of moms bathe their 18 month olds to preschoolers every single day. Wow. I guess I just don't have the energy for that -- despite how filthy my kids get. My son hates washing his hair, and once I let my daughter in the water, I can't seem to ever get her out!

Another third of moms said they give their tots a tub every 3 to 4 days, so it seems as if it's one extreme or the other.

How often do you bathe your kids? If you douse them every 1-2 days, do you do it more to make yourself feel better, or do your kids just seem to attract dirt?

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