A Simple Game of Hide & Seek Turns Deadly for 2-Year-Old (VIDEO)

Jacob KimbleyEarlier this week 2-year-old Jacob Kimbley was reportedly playing hide-and-seek in some woods near his house in Winona, Texas, with some other children. When at first no one could find him, they likely thought he'd just hidden really well, but as time continued to pass, they realized something was wrong

According to KETK-TV, police were called, and more than 150 emergency workers and volunteers started to search for him Tuesday after he went missing, using horses, helicopters, and four-wheelers. For more than 12 hours they searched, and then around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday, they found his lifeless body in a septic tank.

I can't imagine the agonizing emotions of his family, friends, and the rescue workers when coming upon this gruesome discovery. It's simply painful to think that a fun game could turn deadly so quickly.

Now police are trying to piece together what happened. Did the boy -- who is said to be "nonverbal and mentally challenged" -- see it as a great hiding place and climb in? Did he fall in? Those are the questions police are trying to answer, but I think it does raise questions about the game in general for toddlers. Asking them to hide where no one can find them has always struck me as a dangerous idea, and this case confirms those fears.

Details continue to come in, and two other children were reportedly removed from the family's home and put in foster care while the case is being investigated as a homicide (which police say is standard until it can be proven otherwise). So it's possible the game won't get the end blame, but in any case, it should serve to remind parents to use caution when letting young children play it and, once again, that toddlers need almost constant supervision.


Do you worry about your children playing hide and seek?


Image via KETK/YouTube

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CanCa... CanCan123

What the hell is a two year old baby playing hide n seek n the woods for crying out loud..... Where the heck were the parents???? Sad, sounds sketchy to me!!!!!

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

A two year old with mental disabilities... Where the hell were his parents?

Geeky... GeekyMumof2boys

Umm.... a two year old who is according to them "non verbal and mentally challenged" was let go to play hide & seek in the WOODS? And he ended up dead in a septic tank? None of this makes any flipping sense whatsoever. I think the other children were removed from the home for good reason. I'm hoping that the police find out EXACTLY what happened to that baby and justice is served.

Geeky... GeekyMumof2boys

A precious two year old baby boy dying in a frigging septic tank of all things breaks my heart! :(

Gages... Gages_Mommy32

My thoughts exactly. No parent in his or her right mind would let their toddler play in the woods with other children! I don't even let my toddler out of my sight in our yard! Let alone send him into the woods to play a game of hide and seek. That poor little boy. My heart breaks for him. I really hope someone gets to the bottom of it, because it sounds very fishy!

SprMd... SprMdlMomma2T

Pathetic that parents would let children that young play alone in the woods.  The other children are better off in foster care, sad to say...

onefo... onefootcutiepie

A nonverbal, mentally challenged 2 year old playing hide and seek with his pals in the woods? Seems legit.

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

"Now police are trying to piece together what happened. Did the boy -- who is said to be "nonverbal and mentally challenged""


Why the hell was he allowed to play without parental supervision? Seriously even if they didn't throw him in the septic tank, their negligence lead to his death. Very sad!

nonmember avatar chrissy

such a shady situation..wtf were these parents thinking about..maybe not so much thinking was the problem

jpfsmom jpfsmom

I don't think there is any harm in a two year old playing in a confined area (in a house or fenced in yard) but in the woods? That is bizarre especially non verbal, I agree there seems to be something fishy about the story and I'm normally not an alarmist.

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