'Real Housewives' Star Jacqueline Laurita Shares Secret Struggle With Son's Autism

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jacqueline lauritaLife under a microscope would be tough for any mom, but Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was dealing with a lot more than she let on while filming the reality show's fourth season: Her 3-year-old son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism.

Apparently Nicholas began to withdraw at about 18 months old, not responding to the sound of his name or looking up when someone entered the room. His speech and motor skills were regressing, too.

"We had no idea what was going on," Laurita told People magazine. Whatever it was, Laurita knew she wanted to shield Nicholas from the cameras until they figured his issues out. I can't how much more difficult her circumstances must have made this already difficult situation, can you?

As Laurita's husband Chris says, "You never want to believe your child isn't perfectly healthy. We didn't want to believe it was true."

But since accepting the diagnosis, Laurita says she spends "all her time researching what we can do for him."

"I worry about him being independent when he's older," she admits.

Thankfully Nicholas has the support of his loving parents and two older siblings, Ashlee, 21, and C.J., 10. Not to mention plenty of "aunts." And, who knows, maybe Laurita will end up being a source of support and resources to the many RHONJ viewers going through the same thing.

Are you surprised to hear about Jacqueline Laurita's son's autism diagnosis?


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bills... billsfan1104

I feel like all these cases of autism are scary. Does anyone know if they looked into IVF or any type of fertility treatments causing this?

Crissy Pines

I've never had IVF or fertility issues and my son has autism, meanwhile my other 3 children do not.

Sandra Slenk Laxner

Hang in there,Jacqueline! My 5 yo was diagnosed w/ASD at age 2. He is starting a special "Autism Kindergarten"tomorrow at our school district. Early intervention is the key! Get him in speech,occupational,developmental therapy. Look into ABA therapy,which worked wonders for my son. He has unlimited potential! Thoughts and prayers!

nonmember avatar Audra

We knew something was different about our daughter very early. At 15 months she was put in Early Steps and at 18 months she was diagnosised with severe autism. I think the more we educate people about autism the better our children's future will be. I am sorry so many of us have to struggle to get the right education for our children. I am proud of all the famous people who keep educating others about autism. I wish ya'll the very best.

wilsmom1 wilsmom1

My son, who is now 6, was "officially" diagnosed when he was 4, but because of  his pediatrician, we were able to get a jump on his issues when he was 2.  Through the school district we were in, he was able to go to preschool and be in specialized classes for kids like him.  He is now a thriving 1st grader who loves math and is awesome at reading (and math)!  Keep the faith and checkout what types of programs your school district offers.  My son received the same, if not better, help though our school district than he would have if we went to a private business for autism.

nonmember avatar Mallorie Rich

She I'd definitely not alone Autism affects 1 in 88 children there are millions of us mothers out there we are a big community with big hearts. My daughter was diagnosed last year. I will keep them in my prayers and pray for little Nicholas

Spect... Spectrummom311

I have never received an IVF treatment either. My son inherited a genetic trait from me that I believe caused his autism. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 6. He is now 8. We love him deeply but also struggle sometimes. I definetly worry about the future and what it will look like for him. So many people do not understand autism or the difficulties children and adults with autism face nor do they seem to care. I am hoping for more awareness in the future.

Carol Ann Lutz-Wallace

I have two great grandchildren with autism and while it saddens us, with the proper care and teaching our little ones are progressing so well.   Thanks to the Special Educators that work with them

Patricia Grady-Porter

My Heart aches for you and your family Jaquiline. You have a beautiful child, I dont understand what causes Autism. But there is so much research happening .Some day i know there will be answers. I dont know if you read this .But God Bless You and your family.

nonmember avatar audrey thompson

My son wasn't diognosed until he was 9 the school didn't want to help much with his autism and sent him to a different school. They had him labled as a trouble maker who could stop the noise making, clapping, and banging of his desk. He really is sweet and is larger than most ll year old children. hang in there maybe things will be different for your family I sure hope so.

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