6 Celebs Who Breastfed Over a Year & Ignored the Critics (PHOTOS)

salma hayekIn-laws, friends, and clerks at Target making you feel like a weirdo for "still" nursing that child who can walk? Screw 'em! You know what's best for your kids and you'll breastfeed them for as long as you damn well want to. I nursed my son almost up to his third birthday and I have no regrets.

Here's some extended breastfeeding celebs to keep you company. OBVIOUSLY you do not need a crew of crunchy celeb moms to validate your choices! But it's still nice to know this is something women of all walks of life do.

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nonmember avatar Gloria

Yay for breastfeeding! So happy to read about celebrities who choose to breastfeed and not just give formula so they can run off to the gym for a red carpet photo shoot.

kebrowni kebrowni

I'm still nursing my 16 month old. He nurses in the morning and at night and ocassionally during the day (maybe 1-2x).

mamma... mammajigglypuff

Actress Karen Black breastfeed her son until he was about 5y/o and that was in the 70's

lizzeh lizzeh

Eh. lol. My dd was almost 4 when she weaned.

knho knho

The World Health Organization says moms should breastfeed for AT LEAST 2 years & the APP says at least 1yr & then both say "for however long after that is desired by mom & baby."  I hardly call breastfeeding your 13 month old "extended breastfeeding" & I wouldn't call that age a toddler either.   Why would it make sense for any mom to purposely wean her nursing 1 yr old just to give them cow's milk?  It's a shame that too many women feel "weird" about nursing past infancy. 

Element5 Element5

I honestly don't think it is normal to do it past 2 years old! At some point before that the child himself/herself should "reject" breast feeding with a little help from mommy. But 4 or 5 and even past that?! There is something wrong with that!

ilove... ilovemy4kiddies

Breastfed all 4 of my kids for a year but my last nursed till she was 3 1/2 and then I weaned but she probably would of kept going. I don't see anything wrong with extended breastfeeding! To each his own!


super... supercarp

Breastfeeding is great for a baby and the mother gets rewards, too. I think breastfeeding should go on as long as the baby is continuing to get rewards from it and it hasn't become just about the mother. The cuddling part can be done without feeding being involved.

Rhiannon Kreal

I think it's a little sad that it's news that some women breastfeed past one year, like it's so uncommon. I know a ton of mothers that BF for longer than that, myself included, and it's really not that big a deal. By that age you are usually only doing it once a day. I'm sure in many parts of the world women would be horrified to hear that a baby was weaned before it's first birthday.

nonmember avatar guest

Kelly Preston's comment was the most telling, "wondering if I am ready for him to be weaned yet..." So, then, he's there for you, and it's supposed to be the other way around, when the kid is ready, not when you are.

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