Day Care Loses Toddler at Beach & Calls Police 3 Hours Later

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toddler on beachPolice say workers from Our Little Darlings Day Care center left a 2-year-old girl behind on a Long Island beach. Authorities were called three hours after the field trip to see if anyone had found her. What???

State park police say that a woman told them that the misplaced toddler had been playing with her child Tuesday at Heckscher State Park. When the mom was ready to leave at 3:30 p.m., she started wondering where the hell this child's mother was. Don’t you hate when that happens?  

The child wasn't harmed and she has been returned to her understandably distraught mother. First and foremost, what kind of day care would take toddlers to the beach? I can barely keep track of my own kids who are 5 and 7; there is no way I could safely keep track of several toddlers, nor would I want to near open water. Secondly, who the hell allows their toddler to be taken to the beach without being present to supervise? Am I crazy or is this a dangerous scenario, even if the day care hadn't lost the toddler?

As the mother, I would be looking for a new day care -- preferably one that doesn't take the children on dangerous outings near open water, or handling shards of glass or swallowing swords. One that keeps the matches, Drano, and knives in locked drawers and perhaps even hires someone with enough brains to not leave the beach without my 2-year-old toddler who could be drowning. What the hell people?

Can you imagine showing up to pick up your kid from day care only to be told that the day care had lost her at the beach and, instead of sending out a search and rescue team, they all headed back to the center and hoped that your child didn't drown or get abducted. I’m pretty sure I would have hurt someone.

I think this day care should be fined and shut down until they can prove that the workers have been properly trained in how to deal with these sorts of situations. Otherwise, this could happen again, and maybe next time the toddler will not be so lucky as to end up safe in his or her mother’s arms.

What would you do if the day care center you entrusted your child with lost your child near a body of water and then just left?

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Maevelyn Maevelyn

My friend works at the zoo and says kids get left behind from day cares and church groups all the time. Some as old as 10 or 12!

Geeky... GeekyMumof2boys

I don't think the mom is in any way to blame for allowing the daycare to take her daughter to the beach. She probably assumed there would be activities and such to keep them busy which I'm sure there were. The day care workers are IDIOTS though. That is so fucking negligent! When they couldn't find her they should have called right away. Why would they leave without her then all the police three hours later? They're lucky she wasn't abducted! Idiots!

heart... heartnhidin

The day care should be shut down. I also think they should refund the mother what she paid into the daycare this month. And pray she doesn't take legal action.

cmjaz cmjaz

Thers no training the stupid. You don't need to train people to call 911 when a baby is missing. Just need to hire people with common sense. Unfortunately, they're in short supply.

nonmember avatar Cee

"That's why I homeschool" "That's why I'm a stay at home mom"

Meg LeRoy Schlagenhauf

I don't think there's anything wrong with taking toddlers to the beach, provided there is enough supervision.  Daycares, schools and church ministries take kids on field trips to pools all the time in the summer.  Obviously, in this case, there wasn't enough supervision, and that is the problem, not the location.

Ondrya Ondrya

I'm from that area, my 3 year old son goes to that very beach with his daycare quite often, this has nothing to do with them taking the kids to the beach, it has to do with a horrible daycare provider. Btw, she's been shut down, thank God.

mc13 mc13

No matter how much duct tape & zip ties you use, you just can't fix stupid.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Well, personally I wouldn't allow a daycare provider to take my toddler to the beach or park because I don't think a toddler has the knowledge to not wonder off or to ask someone for help if they are lost. 

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