Daycare Workers Allegedly Organize Brutal 'Boxing Match' Between Toddlers

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It was only a couple of months ago that we heard about the mother who videotaped two toddlers as she apparently encouraged them to throw punches at each other like street fighters. You'd think we wouldn't hear about another toddler "boxing match" for, oh, ever. But we'd be wrong. This time, three women who worked in a daycare in Delaware have been arrested after they allegedly forced two 3-year-olds to "whale on" each other -- and, of course, filmed it.

According to reports, the three women, who range in age from 19 to 47, are accused of forcing two boy toddlers to hit each other in the face and head while they filmed it, laughed, and set down rules like, "No pinching, only punching."

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Police say that one of the babies is crying and doesn't want to fight, and that he is "pushed back into the fray by one of the adults." One child was reportedly "screaming and crying and holding his face while being punched."

The whole thing is filmed on a cell phone. The video has not been released. It was apparently discovered after a man showed police the video when they were investigating something else -- and please I hope that "something else" wasn't also at this daycare! The three employees have been charged with child endangerment among other things. The daycare has had its license suspended.

Two similar incidents in two months? I'm getting the dreaded feeling that this kind of thing isn't so rare. We all know organized dog fighting is common. And there are organized street fights between adults. So is "toddler ring fighting" something that happens more than we'd imagine? I am getting the sinking sensation stuff like this might be filmed and then make its way onto the Internet.

A story like this must give pause to parents everywhere who have their children in daycare. I'm certain the vast majority of daycares are loving, wonderful places. (I myself went to daycare and remember nothing untoward whatsoever!) I suppose it never hurts to make an unscheduled visit or two, however.

Does this story make you worried that "toddler boxing" might be more common than we thought?

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nonmember avatar HS

My son is 3 going on 4. He has always loved boxing. Not sure where he picked up on it from but it's always been something he's enjoyed. Occasionally, upon his request, I'll "box" with him with both of us wearing boxing gloves. (SN: I used to do aerobic boxing before I got pregnant with him and continued to do so while I was pregnant so that may be where it comes from lol). Either way, he knows that boxing is only allowed if gloves are worn and he is never, ever allowed to hit another person. I've also instructed him to stand up for himself if another child is hitting him. He's never even hit another child at school or anywhere else. I say all that to say this. This story is inexcusable. Anybody forcing children to fight is ridiculous, especially as brutally as this is being described. A couple of boys rough housing is one thing but this is entirely different and I don't condone it at all. I'm so glad somebody had the guts to take it to the police finally.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

If this story makes you "take pause" about the daycare your child is in, then your child is in the wrong daycare to begin with.

Phatp... Phatpatswife

One more reason I won't put my babies in the hands of strangers at such a young age.

nonmember avatar Seless

So true. My child has to be able to talk before I would even consider letting him go to daycare. It is my job to protect him!

Brenda Bratcher

Just glad I have older kids... And although things were never perfect I am glad I stayed home with my children rather then place them in the care of people such as these... Letting my mother in law watch my kids on occaion was bad enough :/ poor kids so sad...

Aslen Aslen

See, a good daycare will screen it;s workers. Backround checks, drug testingm and will do so continuously and randomly.  My boys thrived in daycare.... because I didn't settle for anyhting less than the best I could. You get what you pay for people!

Newle... Newleaf32

These constant downer articles on The Stir make me want to stop reading. So much doom and gloom. This is awful, but not the norm.

K Dale Frazier

Parents need to FULLY investigate any daycare that they are considering using for their children as well as do a background check on EACH worker there .. it just MIGHT help .... I hope all three of these bit**es get JAIL / Prison time !!

Amy Jane Hoover

The reason I do not put my child in daycare, or with any stranger, I am lucky enough to have parents who watch my son while I work. I cant imagine the horror these little babies felt as they were made to hurt each other.

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