10 Things Your Toddler Tells You & What He REALLY Means

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toddlerToddlers may be young, but that doesn't mean they haven't learned how to fool us into getting exactly what they want! From the minute my little guy started talking, I quickly picked up on a few tricks he had for trying to persuade me into doing whatever it is he had in mind.

And while bigger kids are notorious for telling us all sorts of things with hidden meanings while heading back to school, toddlers can be just as clever in their efforts to fool us. Besides clinging to our legs to get out of going to preschool or day care, here are 10 other popular toddler phrases and their deciphered meanings for your reading pleasure.

1. "No, no, Mommy. I not tired." 

I'm completely and utterly exhausted, but I'm terrified that I'll miss all of the fun that I know goes on after you put me to bed. 

2. "Pleeeeeeaaasssssseeeee Mommmmmmy!?!"

If I keep saying this over and over again and drag out every syllable even further every time I say it, she'll totally cave. Winning.

3. (Incessant giggling and laughing while hiding from you in the corner.)

I really don't feel like pooping on the potty right now. Maybe if I stay over here behind the couch, she won't notice that I'm going in my pull-up.

4. "I want Daddy! No! I want Daddy!"

I absolutely hate whatever it is you're telling me to do, so I'm going to guilt you into thinking that Daddy is my favorite parent. But then I'll do the same thing to him when you aren't around.

5. "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

This sharing crap is for the birds.

6. "I wanna cookie, Mommy."

No matter how many times she tries to get me to eat my peas, it ain't going to happen. And if I keep asking for cookies and I'm real sweet about it, she'll forget about the peas and break out the chocolate chip goodness. I'm so cute, she just can't resist.

7. "No! I want Dora. DORRRRRAAAA!!"

There is no way in hell I'm letting you watch Ellen today. Give it up already, mom.

8. "Go outside! Outside! Outside!"

I'm sick and tired of being cooped up in this place. Don't you realize that kids need fresh air to keep us from driving you crazy?

9. "But it hurrrttsss, Mommy!"

Put the damn Band-Aid on and I swear I'll shut up.

10. "No help! I do it myself!"

For the love of Pete, lady -- give me some space!

What other funny things does your toddler say?


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the4m... the4mutts

Now THIS is cute :) sounds much more like what I always think my kids are "really" thinking when they're being pesty than some of the other lists I've seen

hotrd... hotrdumommy

#3 is my 2 year old all over. She pees in the potty but #2s are in the pull-up and she has this silly smile after she does it.

nonmember avatar HS

Cute list! My son always says he's tired to try and get out of going to preschool. He'll also proclaim NO I do it! Then after struggling by himself cry out Mooommyy HELP MEE! Lol.

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

Absolutely true - all of it

sunsh... sunshyne86

Cute. Lol. My DD is the worst for "I want daddy" right now. Especially since we just split up. I've been good and don't give in tho!

Linda Gray

"I'm stuck!' translates to get me out of this car seat or stroller cause I don't wanna be in here any more

thatg... thatgirl70

I can totally relate to #1. I never want to go to bed either, LOL.

Linda Gray

sunshyne maybe your child needs to see her dad so she knows he didnt abandon her? Just be careful with that one n make sure she knows her dad still loves her.

nonmember avatar valerie

My 3yrs olds favorite thing 2 say right now 2 every one is she calls them hobos. lol. n she tells her 7yr old sister. " i dont have 2 listen 2 u, ur not tha boss of me." lmao

dearg76 dearg76

"No Daddy! Shush!" and points a finger at him. Pretty darn cute

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