10 Inspiring People With Autism Who’ve Accomplished Amazing Things

james holbeyParents of kids with autism know daily life can be a major challenge -- but in between the struggles, there are moments when your kids do and say the most incredible things. These special children can be so inspiring.

We found 10 people on the autism spectrum who have accomplished some impressive feats to spotlight. But really, we could have just gone on and on with a list of hundreds! The world is rich with astonishingly gifted people with autism.

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nonmember avatar CM

Good list - but don't you think there should be an ACTUAL photo of Temple Grandin and not of Clare Danes? SHE is the one with Autism, not the actress.

Godwin Opelle Kwablah

We have a great looking lady in Ghana who is also doing marvelously well. I think Her name and achievement should be added to these list. Her name is Farida Bedwei. She wrote the book:Definition of a Miracle. And works with G-Life in Ghana.

Ashley Nicole Harris

I have a daughter with autism and I enjoyed the list but I was surprised to not see Bill Gates on it. Gates as aspergers.

nonmember avatar Karen Elliott

Dont forget about Carly Fleischmann from Toronto, Ontario. Carly is nonverbal but began communicating with her family painstakingly typing one word onto the computer keyboard: hurt. Now Carly is very "verbal", with a device that speaks whatever she types. Carly is providing an amazing glimpse into the mind and heart of nonverbal folks and reminds us that their wants and needs are just like anyone else's. Check her out in Facebook. You'll fall in love, just like I did!

nonmember avatar Cathy K

Lovely list. It's always nice to highlight people who have "accomplished amazing things" and as an autism mom, I'm grateful to read positive things here on the web.

That being said, I think the point most people miss about autism is that people with autism are "more like you than not" (to quote the "Wretches & Jabberers" movie). Yes, some are finding the spotlight and that's very cool! But there are also countless others who are living extraordinary, ordinary lives every day in the regular world. If you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism, right?

I challenge you to find the common threads that make us "more like each other than not" and to celebrate those outside of the spotlight too.

All best wishes,
Cathy K

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