1-Year-Old Dies After Being Thrown From Father's Motorcycle

motorcycleThere are so many times when children die from circumstances out of our control like incurable disease and freak accidents that no one saw coming. So I think that's what makes deaths that could have been prevented so incredibly tragic. Like the case in Utah this past Sunday in which toddler Richard Moore was killed while riding on his father's motorcycle.

I'm sure Shannon Moore, 48, had only the best of intentions when he took his 1-year-old son out for a ride on his motorcycle. I'm sure he was looking to do some fatherly bonding and figured they'd be fine since they were just riding around their apartment complex parking lot. But they weren't.

According to ABC, the boy was riding between his father and the handlebars; neither was wearing a helmet. They were going more than 10 miles an hour and took a corner too sharply, when Shannon lost control of the vehicle. The boy was thrown from the motorcycle, hit the pavement, and the motorcycle landed on top of him. He died at the scene.

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Neighbors said it wasn't the first time they'd seen the father and son on the motorcycle, but tragically this will be the last. While there is no law that prohibited what they were doing, there should be. Police Department Detective Levi Hughes told the station:

Even though laws don’t regulate the age of the passenger of a motorcycle, common sense has to dictate that kind of decision. If the passenger’s feet can’t reach the pegs and he can’t wear a helmet, he shouldn’t be put on a motorcycle. If you don’t listen to your own better judgment you will pay the ultimate price.

The fact is there aren't always rules and regulations telling us what to do with our children, but there are some things we should just know as parents not to do. Of course, while the father may or may not deserve the criminal charges he possibly faces, I'm sure he'll punish himself more than the law ever could, and there's nothing he can do to change what happened. At this point the best we can hope for is that his story serves as a warning to others, and perhaps prevents a similar, senseless tragedy from taking another innocent life.

Would you ever let your children ride on a motorcycle? What other senseless risks do you see people take with their children's lives?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that granted this was not the smartest choice ever made by a parent, it was an ACCIDENT, plain and simple. My daughter has gone for rides on combines and other farm tractors since she was a baby, and this is just one of those things you don't ever think will happen to you. My heart goes out to this father and baby Richard....rest in peace, sweet angel.

nonmember avatar Pam

It wasn't the smartest the for a parent but we all make mistakes just sad though this innocent child has died but the father will pay for this the rest of his life knowing his son died from being on his motorcycle and I think that's enough for any parent to have to live with my heart goes out to the family

Jessy76 Jessy76

I agree with Michelle I feel so badly for this father. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 2 and my children have also been riding their whole lives. When I was little I never wore a helmet but now my children wear them every time they get on the bike even if they are just riding around the block. The fact is no matter how much protective gear you put on your children when they are doing any type of activity things can still happen. My oldest daughter broke her thumb WATCHING a game of basketball! Things happen there isn't always an explanation and we can't always make sense of it.  My heart goes out to this family and especially to this father who I am sure is as the article says is punishing himself way more they any judge will ever be able to.

nonmember avatar alysa

I let my children ride on one with there uncles who rode with us when we where there age as long as they have a helment on i dont see a problem with it

nonmember avatar SJ

This article is incorrect. The dad WAS well over exceeding the 10mph complex speed limit and there will more than likely be serious charges filed against the dad because there was a "reckless loss of life". Read the article in the real news..

momgi... momgirlsx2

I too agree this was an accident, however, it was completely avoidable. My daughter was 14mo old when she was hit by a foul ball at a softball game. The ball came from another field behind us so we never saw it coming and could not prevent it. As a result she suffered a brain bleed and seizure. She is 8yrs old today and still has physical and mental disabilities because of her injury. I would give anything to change that moment in our lifes and I'm sure this dad feels the same way. My heart goes out to this baby's family.

Lea Martin

I have to agree with the above. My children have both been on my fathers bike. Being 4 and 8 they don't go often and always on our property but they do get on the bike. The only thing I didn't agree with is the line that said they don't make helmets that size. That isn't correct they do and he should have been wearing one. That being said I don't think that would have saved him. It sounds like the weight of the bike caused internal bleeding. My heart break for him and I know this will haunt him the rest of his life. How unfortunate.

Jackie Gordon

That is an awful thing to have happen, and prayers for the family... that being said people need to use common sense. I have seen this on a highway with what looked like a 5 year old, wearing a helmet but no shoes, sitting in front of what I assumed to be his father on a motorcycle. They were keeping up with traffic, which is fast enough to break bones in a grown person. I would know, my husband crashed his motorcycle going about 75mph and lost most of the skin on his hands, knees and one shoulder-and that was with safety equipment beyond just a helmet. There should be laws regulating who can ride a motorcycle. Helmet use and common sense would save a LOT of lives, and not just the lives of children...

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I hope they throw the book at this moron. No child should lose their life just because their parents are irresponsible idiots. I have to wonder if any of the neighbors thought to call CPS any of the times they saw him doing that, it's child endangerment. Someone who is stupid enough to think putting a little kid on a motorbike is OK shouldn't have kids because they are not responsible enough to be parents.

nonmember avatar khatija

In agreement with rhondaveggie .. Idiots

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