Flower Girl Takes a Nap ... During Wedding Ceremony (VIDEO)

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little flower girl falls asleep during ceremonyOne ongoing conversation between my fiance and me about our May wedding is how any children in attendance will fare. See, since it's a Saturday night Jewish wedding, our ceremony will have to begin after Shabbat and sundown, meaning at around 7:45 p.m. So we're not even sure if our flower girls -- ages 4 and 19 months -- are going to be up to the task at that time. The thing is, no matter when the knot-tying takes place, you just never know how kids are going to act at a wedding. It could be the middle of the day, and because they're missing out on their usual naptime or they missed their usual naptime, they have a complete meltdown right in the middle of the bride and groom's "I do"s.

Take this flower girl who has gone viral for dramatically dropping onto the floor during the ceremony, then proceeding to curl up in a ball and seemingly take a snooze! Seriously! Check it out ...

HA, wooooow! On one hand, this is a riot. Who hasn't been to a wedding or other religious ceremony where they wish they could do the very same thing?! Silly kids -- always doing what we adults only daydream about! On the other hand, I don't know if this couple should have laughed or cried about having their flower girl "steal the show" with her mini-Snow White moment -- right as they were about to be pronounced husband and wife. 

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Oh well! I guess all they really could do was chuckle and shake their heads. Falling down tired, cranky kiddos is a risk you take when you have them attending and, especially, standing up in your wedding. Hopefully for the most part, the pros out weigh the cons, such as a cringe-worthy moment like this.

What do you make of this flower girl's "performance"?


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Desir... Desireesmom2011

she didnt realy snooze. she layed down and rolled  bit before someone picked her up.

Todd Vrancic

In show business, it is an axiom never to work with children or animals.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I was about to post the same that Todd did... work with kids and animals, they'll steal the show EVERY time.

That said, to address your situation specifically, Maressa: My son was 6 when he was Ring Bearer for my nephew's wedding. He was paired with a 5-year-old little girl who was just the most darling little angel. However, they were both little kids, and presented the risk you see above. So we were proactive.

They walked down the aisle together, and when they reached the altar, they peeled off to their moms on either side (she far to the left, me far to the right), and we took the kids back to our seats with us. We kept them busy with quiet books and games, and when the wedding ended, we brought them back to the front and sent them down the aisle after the Bride, Groom and rest of the Bridal Party had exited. It worked out fantastically. The kids were fresh going and coming, and there were no disruptions, because we had them the whole time.

Good luck with your blessed day. I wish you happy.

dearg76 dearg76

I have to say My Daughter was just a flower girl in my cousins wedding. She was 22 months old it was also in the evening. Not as late as your will be, but she did really well. She walked down the isle and then she got to me she came right to me and sat in my lap for the ceremony (this is what we had planned on since it was an outdoor wedding and we knew she would take off the min she got to the alter) I was ready to sneak out the side and change/play with her or whatever was needed. Good luck!

Britt... Brittsangiggles

I don't think I really would have minded. I had my neices as flower girls in my wedding. You're having them be a part of it because you love them, and no matter what they do (melt down, fall asleep, pick their noses the whole time - whatever) your wedding will still turn out perfect. On top of that, its going to make for memories that you will forever look back on and cherish.

Cyndi Jean Pierce

My son was the ring bearer in our wedding and stole the show compleatly. He decided to crawl under my dress and bark at the minister and crowd. It had everyone cracking up but made the day that much better. All he wanted was mommy so no one else could have taken him with out a major fit so it was fine by us.

Heather Duso Johnson

My brother was 3 1/2 when I got married.  My flower girls were 6.   The wedding was at 4pm and we did all the pictures beforehand and had food at the church for the attendants during the getting ready time and pictures.  My brother found the churches nursery and almost walked down the aisle with a dog on string.  I didn't care what they did as long as they left the baptismal pool alone and didn't run between the altar area.  Because it was a Catholic wedding, there was a lot of sitting for the attendants and we let my brother sit next to my sister, who had put a toy and candies by her chair prior to the ceremony.  It all worked out well.  A few months earlier my brother got married and when the ring bearer (same little brother) wanted to stand next to our brother at the altar instead of at the end of the lineup, he threw a fit when it wasn't allowed and had to be taken out.  I think if you are laid back about the whole thing, it will be fine.  I also think making sure people had time to eat helped the day go a bit smoother.

nonmember avatar Kayla

we had a 2 year old flower girl at my cousin's very religious wedding in a cathedral. she kept crying and running down the stairs from the altar to her mother, who would scold her and shush her back up and then walk back down at least 3 times. the girl didn't want to be there and didn't need to be there but mom didn't want to deal with it. i instantly swore that any children in my wedding party wouldn't stand at the front very long before returning to their parents.

Alison Gray MacPherson Perry

We didn't have kids in our wedding party because there weren't any really small ones at the time we got married. However, my 3 youngest cousins were put to work handing out programs before the ceremony and birdseed after. I thought this was a good way for them to "help out" and not get too bored since they had to be there. :)

MomLi... MomLily67

If you really must have the younger relatives in the wedding party, you have to be very open to last minutre adaptations, and relax about it, There are kids that will behave beautifully, but otther, well, they will be kids. Always adorable!!!  All weddings in our family include attraactions for the kids because there are always young relatives, we've had piñatas, bouncy castles, wich everyone enjoyed, candy, cake, and a napping area.

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