Amazing SpiderDad Thrills Son With Trip to Trampoline Park (VIDEO)

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SpiderDadIf you haven't yet seen the video circulating of SpiderDad, it's a must see if you're into heartwarming good times. In it, Houston dad Daniel Garcia dresses up as Spidey, then surprises his 3-year-old son, Oliver, with what's surely one of the best days of both of their lives.

Together, in full uniform, they travel to a trampoline park, and have a fantastic time bouncing around together, while everyone who sees them gets a thrill as well.

Garcia had someone film the day and put it on YouTube for family and friends, but it's so adorable, it's spread like viral wildfire. Watch it after the jump and prepare to smile.

What a super dad! Martinez says he was inspired by a scene in the movie Big Daddy in which Adam Sandler dresses up as Scuba Steve in order to get the boy he's caring for to do things he's supposed to do. So he did the same, appearing once as Spider Man with the promise of trampolines if  Oliver behaved then again a few days later to deliver on the promise.

Besides being a great example of a creative way to keep a kid in line, it also inspires me to be a more fun mom. So often I get caught up in the organizing of activities, cleaning, and managing everyone's schedules, that I don't make enough time for plain old silly fun with my kids. This video makes me want to do more of it, because I know they're only going to want to have silly fun with me for so long. And honestly, why not?

What kind of silly fun do you have with your children?


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grace... gracelinn

Good for him, but kinda sad we have to praise dads like him just for being a loving dad.. It just shows you how rare it is & thats sad..

rhps2000 rhps2000

That's sweet. I get tired of all the negative news. And it may seem rare nowadays like the above poster said, but don't let it get you down. There is more good than bad. The negative news is spotlighted, but there are lots of unsung hero dads out there too. They just don't have cute viral videos!

zombi... zombiemommy916

My kids are obsessed with "Ice Ice Baby", so we put the CD in and I rap for them (mama has skills!!! lol)...this works wonders when they need a little attitude adjustment :)

Missy... MissyKP610

AAAWWWWWWW!!!! What a sweet duo!


Kristen Makholm

Is this Dad single?? ;-). Too bad my daughter doesn't have an awesome Dad at all. Sad because I do have an awesome Dad and wanted the same for her. To make up for it I do my best to be an extra kick ass Mommy.

Bob192 Bob192

How neat!!  We like to make up silly songs!

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