Dave Barry's Tot Hanger -- Perfect for Pool Halls

The BabyKeeper Basic by momessentials.com

The BabyKeeper Basic by mommysentials.com

I stumbled across this side-slapping bit from Miami Herald's Dave Barry, one of my all-time favorite humor columnists, on the oddest gifts you could possibly buy someone. "This is a list of items that are so unusual that if you give one to your wife, her reaction will be: 'Thank God he did not get me any more'," Barry writes.

As a Toddler Mom, one of Barry's gift picks in particular caught my attention: the restroom baby and tot hanger.

"Say you're carrying a baby and you need to use a public restroom stall," Barry writes. "What do you do with the baby? Obviously you can't leave the baby outside the stall, because there's no telling what kind of sicko pervert or U.S. senator might be hanging around. But if you take the baby into the stall, what do you do with him or her?


"The answer is, you suspend your baby from the stall wall, using this clever device. While you're doing your business, your baby hangs there on the wall like a cute li'l mini-paratrooper, looking happy as a clam, if he or she is anything like the professional baby used in the promotional photos for this item.

"We assume you also could use this product to suspend your baby from fences, cubicle dividers, art galleries, volleyball nets ... anywhere you need to suspend a baby."

Hee-hee. I needed this little diversion. All the shopping is driving me crazy!

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