Heidi Klum Lets Her Kids Wear Lipstick -- So What?!

heidi klum leni louHeidi Klum is used to wearing a lot of makeup. She’s a supermodel, so of course she is. But her kids? Well, they are incredibly beautiful little creatures so they don’t need any of it to bring out their gorgeous features. Wait a minute. Kids? Makeup? Oh heck no! Leni, 8, and Lou, who is only 2 years old, were spotted with mama Klum going to the Children’s Museum of the Arts in NYC wearing the same perfect red lipstick on their adorable little pouts. Would love to know what the brand and color are because it’s kind of the perfect red. Some may be freaking out over this. What would possess Heidi to allow her little sweeties to wear a potentially toxic Lolita look on their lips?!?

I say it's no big deal! So what if your kids want to be like mommy and wear a little lipstick, maybe a little shadow. But I still have two very specific concerns about it.

For one, I hope it’s non-toxic since far too many cosmetics have really bad things in them. And it’s on the kids’ lips -- they inevitably are going to eat some of it off. But I have a feeling Heidi is hip to all that kind of stuff, so I think we’re in the clear there.

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The other concern I have with kids wearing lipstick or any makeup is that it will end up all over the place. On their clothes, on the furniture, on the walls. And as a mom, I really do not need another thing to clean up. This is why my kids will never, ever wear makeup if I have anything to do with it. At least not until they move out of my house. (Lofty goal, I know.) Just the other day I spent far too much time trying to get pen out of the couch. My son apparently thought it was his canvas and made some lovely line designs. I don't want to imagine how challenging it is to get lipstick out of the rug.

Plus if your kid wears lipstick, and is a kissy kind of kid, then prepare for lipstick all over you. Kind of makes me realize why so many men hate when we wear the stuff. I love my kids. Love kissing my kids. Would not love a face full of red toddler lip stains.

Still, the moment must have been adorable. One of those mother-daughter-daughter bonding times when mom is putting on her face and the girls are watching her and ask if they can try it. My own kids do this to me now and they are just 2 1/2 years old. “Mommy, can I wear some, toooooooooo?” Okay, sure! I say as I swipe their cheeks with a clean makeup brush. Once they get older, though, they are going to get keen to the fact that I just tried to put makeup on them with no makeup on the brush. At which point, they'll think I’ve lost my mind, which will probably be true. And then because I denied them the makeup, they will go out and steal some from the drugstore, in which case the reason they shoplift is MY fault. So we might as well let them wear ours. (I’m kidding, you know. About the losing my mind part.)

What do you think of Heidi Klum letting her 2- and 8-year-old wear makeup?


Image via Splash News

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

I think the picture of Heidi's kids wearing makeup is adorable! They just wanted to be like their mommy. As for you not wanting your daughters to wear makeup until they move out, I'm sure you know that won't happen, as you stated. I don't think there is anything wrong with letting preteens start to wear makeup. If a little lip gloss and some mascara will make them feel better about themselves, then why not?

Sidthe Sidthe

I don't see a problem with it it's just lipstick A and I doubt it's an every day occurrence. And if my mommy was Heidi Klum I can only imagine how amazing her make up is done and all the tricks I would learn or having my make up done professionally.

noneya79 noneya79

I don't see a problem with it... I let my dd wear makeup as long as she's not going somewhere like school or church. Heidi's children are stunning as it is, and the lipstick looks great on them! lol But to each their own.. if she allows her children to put on lipstick, then that's a decision she has the right to make as their mom. So who cares? It's not hurting them or anyone else... 

Kimbyann Kimbyann

I don't gt these articles.

One was posted about shiloh or w/e brad pitts daughters name wearing lipstick and it was so cute.

Then one about suri cruise wearing it and people freaked out saying she's too young and stop forcing her to grow up.

And now its cute again?

BeckyP. BeckyP.

This is so friggin ridiculous. Parent your OWN children. Her children are well taken care of and want for nothing, more than I can say for a lot of kids. Stop writing articles about how other people parent their children and about pointless topics!

nonmember avatar zizzler

pfft, who gives a crap? Find us a celeb who let's their SON wear lipstick, then we'll have something fun to rant about hahaha

jessi... jessicasmom1

hey now she is a super mom ... model if she wants them to wear lipstick and they want too .. then let them


Todd Vrancic

And?  Her kids, not mine, her business, not mine.

Diane Richardson

playing with moms lip stick is one thing but leaving the house with it on is not right. not only that that pink summer dress is why to short for that child to wear. I dont even let my little girl out dress like that. i tell mine u want to wear that dress put legging or 1/2 cut pants on.Or u can just 4 get it.

Jorie Thomas

My mom used to let me play with her makeup and wear it around.. not everyday but once in a while, it's normal and part of being a growing up girl. It's not like she has them done up like Toddlers & Tiaras! To be honest, it actually really hurt my feelings when I was in kindergarten when my teacher threw a fit about me wearing lipstick and scrubbed it off my lips (which hurt cause it was refusing to come off) and that experience made me cry and was obviously memorable! It wont hurt them.. I was a tomboy the majority of my life but loved playing with makeup and still play around with different looks as an adult. Harmless fun!

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