Dad Takes Baby Along During Hookup With Prostitute

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hotel roomEvery parent knows that getting a last minute sitter is tough. I imagine that was the dilemma a Tuscaloosa, Alabama man faced when he allegedly took his nine-month-old baby along while he met up with a prostitute.

Police say the dad had his baby with him during the tryst at a motel because he couldn't find a babysitter. Gross, right. Wait. It gets worse.

While they were getting busy, another man bursts in, a fight breaks out, then shots were fired. Fortunately, the randy dad escaped with just a bullet graze.

"The child was on the bed, he picked the child up, tried to leave, that's when he was shot at," said Captain Loyd Baker of the Tuscaloosa Police.

He almost got away with the whole sordid fiasco, but when he went to the hospital to get help for his wound, staff called police and the baby was taken into protective custody.

So this fella certainly isn't in the running for father of the year, but perhaps -- in his own misguided way -- he thought he was being a responsible parent. There are a lot of people out there who would have just left the kid at home alone in the crib intent on making it back before nap time was up.

Maybe this John thought he was being a good dad. He wasn't of course. But he probably thought he would quickly get his freak-on without anyone ever finding out. Unfortunately for him, it didn't work out that way. Well, at least his baby is safe. It's not the happy ending he intended, but a happy ending none the less.

Do you think this guy deserves some credit for bringing his kid along with him rather than leave him at home alone?


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Jadem... Jademom07

I think that he could be a REAL parent and put his needs second to that of his child.  This man is a terrible dad.

reche... reche1978

how about stay at home until you have some one you trust to watch your baby

Scott Davis

He should have taken things in hand...

nonmember avatar me

Hell no he doesn't deserve credit! 1st, in THE BABY. 2nd, he didn't know what the hell he was walking into. That is just disgusting and reckless, and if he didn't realize that, then he was obviously too dumb to have a kid in his possession anyway. I'm glad the baby was taken into protective custody. At least he'll have a chance to not grow up depraved and stupid.

nonmember avatar Kravalet

he should have just waited. Really, a prostitute?? Thats just NAsTy:p

nonmember avatar Kate

It's so unfortunate how some people who should NOT have children are able to reproduce without a problem, but the people who would actually be great parents are unable to conceive. So sad.

carole76 carole76

Wow, I have no thoughts. This story is so crazy

nonmember avatar Chelsea

Although I don't think it is right to hire prostitutes and meeting up with someone he didn't know with his kid in tow wasn't the smart thing to do but personally when my child was an infant he slept in the room with me so after he was in his bed asleep me and my husband had our adult time. He was asleep so it wasn't a big deal maybe the guy thought the same thing.

suziejax suziejax

this is NUTS

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