'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Pit Bull Can't Be Trusted Around Her Son

Jenelle Evans and JaceEvery time we see horrifying stories like that of 3-year-old Kaylie Foster, whose face was viciously attacked by a Pit Bull recently, the dogs come under fire. Some say it's irresponsible to allow the breed to be anywhere near children, while others will tell you they're some of the kindest, most loving dogs IF they're properly trained.

No matter which side of the fence you normally fall on, I think the majority of us can agree that a Pit Bull being raised by Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom fame isn't a dog that should be around anyone, much less her son Jace. And good for the boy's grandmother, Barbara Evans, who supposedly put her foot down and is refusing for the boy to be around Janelle's dog, Brody the Pit Bull.

Jenelle, of course, isn't happy about the situation.


On Facebook she wrote:

I feel like I gave my son up for adoption and everytime I ask to pick him up u say no?!. This time it's becuz I own a pitbull puppy? I f***ing can't STAND u.

Sounds like reason enough to me. The court has already ruled that she's not fit to take care of her child, so how are we supposed to believe a dog would be much different -- especially a dog who can be so potentially dangerous? But of course, true to her style, she looks to blame everyone but herself. Just yesterday she was ranting about people not keeping her plethora of court dates straight, which she doesn't even seem to be able to do herself.

The fact is she has shown a huge amount of irresponsibility and a lack of maturity. It's not a big stretch to assume that she wouldn't be the most conscientious dog owner either, and that's when many believe Pit Bulls get dangerous -- when they're not cared for properly and not disciplined correctly. When she shows so little self discipline, how are we supposed to believe she'd able to properly discipline a dog? It's just too risky to allow a toddler to be around the dog, and I don't blame her mom a bit.

Do you think Barbara is right to keep Jenelle from seeing Jace because of her Pit Bull?


Image via MTV

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