Bratty Daycare Teacher Bullies Toddler -- Caught on Video! (VIDEO)

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bullied toddlerOkay, we all know little kids can be as exasperating as all hell. Oh the buttons they push -- sometimes it's enough to turn us into bratty kids ourselves. Who among us hasn't wanted to say, "One of these days, Zoe, POW, STRAIGHT TO THE MOON!" Except we're the adults, remember?

Here's a daycare teacher who forgot that she is the adult. She'd had it with a 3-year-old boy who (supposedly) kept throwing toys. So she taunted him, daring him to throw them some more. Well, someone caught her low moment on video. Wait until you hear what this teacher said.

Here's how it goes down: Innocent little Michael tells his teacher, Lindsay Cavallaro, that he would like to go to the moon. And she says, "Newsflash sweetheart. I don't really like you 'cause you throw toys." MEAN! Who does that -- actually tells a child that you don't like them? Sure we all think these things. For the record, I don't really like kids who habitually throw their toys, either. But you don't just say it out loud! You keep that immature, shameful thought to yourself.

But it gets worse. While Michael sits in a chair (it looks like he's in time out), she taunts him some more. She dares him to throw a toy at her. "Do it. Go ahead. No balls. Oh you’re a tough guy. Hey boss, show me your nine." Nice, way to encourage good behavior. Jeebus, lady.

I've definitely seen parents and teachers "dare" kids to do something wrong. It's usually something along the lines of a threat: "Go ahead, throw that toy, and I'll smack your face so hard it'll go inside-out." (You can tell I don't issue very many threats because that one doesn't even make sense.)

It's a classic example of a grown-up lowering herself down to the level of a kid. I don't care how annoying that kid is or how much they've got it coming to them (whatever IT is). You're the adult and you have to act like it. And by the way -- sarcasm is developmentally inappropriate for a 3-year-old.

So naturally the video made its way to the mom, Tyesha Reese, and she was outraged. I guess there are some parents who would just laugh it off. It's not like Michael's scarred for life or anything. But that's not the kind of environent I'd want my son in every day. Lindsay is pretty much bullying Michael -- and she's just teaching him how to bully other kids. No thank you! Tyesha took Michael out of that daycare. I hope she finds a better place because she probably needs to work.

How would you feel if a daycare teacher treated your child this way -- even if your child had been throwing toys?

Image via Waveyinc/YouTube

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ceciliam ceciliam

Okay, she definitely could have handled that better but, wow what a fresh mouth on that little boy....and he's only 3!!!

KEmery08 KEmery08

Nothing about how she handled this is developmentally appropriate. If anything, taunting him and all that reinforces the behavior. Next time he feels angry, he'll show her he has "balls." If I were his parent, I'd be irritated as well. That doesn't influence or teach future positive behaviors but manipulates the situation to make the child act out more aggressively. He wasn't behaving very nicely - but she certainly wasn't doing what she should have been doing as a provider.

Jayne Doe


Pamela Vest

Dont sound like bullying to me kid wasnt scared teacher sounds playful kid probally thinks she means another kind of balls she also sounds young to and did not mean it like a 30 year old man would mean it sometimes you got to speak in another persons language to get them to understand besides they both sound like they are playing

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