Pot-Loving Mom Shows Getting High Can Make You a Better Parent

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potI recently came across a Jezebel.com blog of a woman proud to be a pot-smoking mom. She made sure her husband could watch the baby while she got blitzed on the balcony. Then it was back to playtime, which, to her, was a hell of a lot cooler to do when baked. She wrote:

I realized that she's like the funniest fucking person I've ever met. Anybody who thinks that weed makes parents ignore their children has clearly never been high around one.

I got all judgy at first. What kind of mom so brazenly flaunts a weed habit? She asks the hubby to pull diaper duty NOT because she needed to run an errand or take a much needed, and I'm sure deserved, break. Nope. This anti-Donna Reed wanted a time-out to toke up. WHAT??? This takes co-parenting to a whole new level, don't you think?

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But as crazy as it is, that was actually the responsible thing to do. I mean, she could have just lit up in front of her kid. Plenty of parents do -- and not just the ones who use medical marijuana. There are even message boards debating whether it's okay to get high with the little ones watching.

It is illegal, of course, but marijuana is one of those drugs that a lot of people don't consider to be so wrong. I keep thinking about Chris Tucker's pot-obsessed character Smokey in Friday rationalizing, “Weed is from the earth. God put this here for me and you. Take advantage, man, take advantage.”

Ain't nothing wrong with smoking weed

As far as illegal drugs go, this mom could be doing something a lot worse, right? Even in my hometown they have an annual Hash Bash where people give speeches and rally for the legalization of marijuana. And just about everyone there has a blunt in hand or is trying to find one. To them it's worth the measly $25 fine to take a hit.

And this writer thinks smoking pot makes her a more attentive mom and a more tolerant wife.

I caught [my husband] trying to smash up garlic cloves with the end of some kind of broom handle instead of the Pampered Chef garlic press my aunt gave me at my wedding shower. See, that is exactly the kind of shit that would've irrationally pissed me off if I hadn't smoked. Instead, I just laughed.

Personally, I don't want to be that laid back. But if it works for her, who am I to judge. I just won't be scheduling any playdates at her house ... EVER!

What do you think? Is this mom crazy for thinking pot makes her a better parent?


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Flori... Floridamom96

That takes co-parenting to a whole new level? Yep. It's stooping way, way too low.

nonmember avatar Michelle

While I have never smoked weed, realistically from a child's point of view, how is this much different from cigarette smoking? Seriously! People smoke in their closed cars, houses, etc without a second thought to their child's health. People need to settle down about weed....we aren't talking heroin here!!!

Caela... CaelanOceanamom

Don't judge. Stooping low? Not at all. Responsible enough to know when you need a break and the other parent is around to help is more like it.

Part of being a good parent is knowing when you need a break. A small smoke break isn't going to hurt anyone, it is helping the situation.

So, to all the haters who are going to spew their robot like ranting about weed and all its evils; shut it. Then do yourself a favor and educate yourself on how pot became illegal in the first place. Interesting stuff.

Alaina Quist

um.. stoned in front of the kids or drunk??? STONED! nonviolent patient understanding and fun, isnt that the kind of parent every kid wants? if i didnt smoke once in a wile i would be single and my kids would hate spending time with me. i bet floridamoms kids will never think they have the cool mom... and yes good mom and cool mom are not mutually exclusive.

Stacey. Stacey.

Chronic marijuana smokers dont get any more "high" from a hit then chronic cigarette smokers do from smoking a cigarette, please dont think that regualr smokers get fucked up or wasted from a joint. If youre going to bash her, please also bash any mom who unwinds with a glass of wine or takes a cig break every now and then. Oh, and dont forget about anyone who gets their "high" from OTC and prescription drugs.

Stacey. Stacey.

P.S, if she was smoking in front of her kid where they could breathe in the secondhand smoke then I would feel differently, kind of like the way I feel about moms who smoke cigs with their children in the back seat of the car -but I dont see articles from other moms about t"hose kind" of people (which BTW I would never scheulde a play date with)


eye rolling

CPN322 CPN322

Completely agree with caelanoceanamom. And it is interesting stuff.....interesting and infuriating!

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I actually do the same thing. My husband takes over parenting duties while I go smoke and chill out. I don't smoke in front of her and I don't smoke when I'm the only one home with her. I get maybe 30 mins to an hour to chill and relax. And I'm not the worst mom in the world just because I smoke.

CPN322 CPN322

Stacey - completely agree with you as well.

I have friends that smoke bud and are wonderful parents. They never, never smoke in front of their children and only do so when another parent is home. I think it is actually much better then drinking as it doesn't cause you to feel like crap the next day.

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