Pet Piranha Eats Girl's Finger & Dad Guts the Thing to Get It Back

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piranhaI thought this story was shocking enough when I read that a pet piranha actually bit off the tip of a toddler's finger recently. I mean we always hear about the dangers of dogs and small children, but I never really stopped to consider the fish tank. Of course, most people don't put piranhas in the fish tank ... but that's another story.

This incident happened last week in Chicago, and an 18-month-old girl was the victim. According to the Chicago Tribune, when the family first saw the bleeding remains of their daughter's finger, they feared it was their dog, a 65-pound pit bull, that was responsible. But after an ambulance whisked her to the hospital, doctors told them it was no dog bite.

The father -- who was still at home --  quickly realized what must have happened after the family called with the news, and then he did something really shocking.

He plunged his hand into that fish tank, grabbed one of the two piranhas, and gutted the thing. A spokesperson for the sheriff's department told the paper:

He had no fear; these were truly fatherly instincts. He grabbed a knife and cut it open and found her fingertip right there.

He took the fingertip to the hospital where they tried to reattach it. It's unclear whether it worked or not, but that's a pretty intense dad demonstration of love regardless.

I would hope I could do the same, but I'm not sure. Of course, I'd never keep piranhas in my house either, which sounds like a pretty bad idea from the get go with small children around. I'm thinking maybe a nice new goldfish should perhaps be their next pet.

Do you think you'd be able to do what this dad did? Do you think it's irresponsible to have piranhas as pets if you have small children?


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OkieG... OkieGirl74

Am I the only one who thinks it's odd that the dad was at home instead of the hospital?  Obviously they though the injury was serious if they called an ambulance but if they had time to take the girl to the hospital & get her examined, why wouldn't the dad be at least on his way to see his baby?

phant... phantomphan

Other kids at home to watch? Not enough room in ambulance? No car?

Zoeberry Zoeberry

Where were his "loving, fatherly instincts" when he decided to have pet piranha with children in the house????

inter... interzone

A pit bull and a piranha in a house with a toddler??? Looks like we have nominees for parents of the year!

count... countrygirl670

Gosh, these sound like real quality parents!  *sarcasm off*

nonmember avatar cat

Piranhas and pitbulls. Classy, classy people there.....

ghost... ghostbaby

Oh shut it. Its a damn fish. True the fish bites, but if you knew anything about the tank conditions required to keep piranah then you would know it wasnt just sitting in a bowl with no top. She probably climbed up to the tank and stuck her hand in, something a kid could do in a second if you turn your back or leave the room. So stop with all the "dangerous pets" bs. Animals and fish with teeth bite, zoeberry. If it was a kitten then what, lock him up for having a kitten and a toddler in the same house?

nonmember avatar butterflygarden

interzone, your stupidity and lack of knowledge within your comment astounds me. pitbulls are just like any other dog, if brought up right they can be the most loving, loyal, caring family member. i'd be questioning the pirahna's before the pitbull. douche.

MumsT... MumsTheWord571

WOW! I hope that if something like that were to happen I'd have the guts to do something like that.

jenni... jennifer2712

Eye roll at the ludicrous put bill comments

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