Before I Had Kids I Swore I Would Never ....

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kid watching tvI read somewhere once that we are all the best parents in the world ... before we have kids. All the things we said we would never, ever do when we became parents were said with such ease as if parenting was a simple thing. Oh what little we knew then! Once you become a parent, your eyes are opened wide ... with a can opener and sometimes it even feels like they are popping out of your head. Things you said you would never do are sometimes done. And that's because never is just a bad, bad word in this case.

Still, even the parents who do the things on that mythical "never do" list can be the best parents in the world. Oh yes we can! We do what we have to do, we make things work how they should work for our family, and that's the reality. Before I had kids I swore I would never do a lot of things. Here's my confessional. Maybe you can relate.

I swore I would never ...

... let them watch TV or be kids who requested different shows. They watch it. They love it. They ask for Peppa and Diego and Elmo. They don't watch it all the time. But they watch.

... feed them anything that was frozen like chicken nuggets or fish sticks or mini pizzas. Sometimes convenience wins.

... let them be the boss of me. Sometimes they are. And I think that's okay. Not to the point where it's out of control, but there are times where I cave and let them have their way ... within reason.

... buy them the ridiculous toy they don't need but decide they have to have in the store.

... use bribery to get them to do something.

... put my child on a leash. I tried it twice. It wasn't for us, but I understand how it works to keep kids safe.

... let my kids act like THAT ... when seeing a child have a meltdown. Of course this was before I had kids and was enlightened to the fact that THAT just happens sometimes.

... co-sleep. Now I love snuggling with my babies.

... wear flats. I'm a heels wearing girl. But I just can't do it all the time at the playground. Most of the time I'm in sensible wedges, but I do own some flats much to the horror of my former self.

... change. For some reason I thought change was bad. I know now that's it's not. I've changed in some of the most amazing ways possible and I owe a lot of it to motherhood.

Any of these sound familiar? Have any to add?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

before I had a child I would never think I would be caring for someone else more than myself.

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

I too was a "better" mom before I had kids and reality hit.  My imaginary children were nothing like my real ones :), but even if they aren't perfect....they're still better!

expat... expatalfa

I never thought I would care as much about how I look and act but now I realise I represent more than just me so I think things through more. Not that I was a cussin' disrespectful hot mess or anything, more like a bland slightly hippy type, but now maybe I'll put on some lipstick to go somewhere or make sure my shirt is ironed lol.

I also swore I wouldn't lose my temper... still working on that. I don't spank or smack though but I *have been known to* raise my voice....

eleph... elephantmamaof2

I swore I would never have "dirty" kids, now I scoff at the parents who don't let their kids play in the dirt at baseball games!

Stacey. Stacey.

Pretty much everything you said and I will add walking around with a snotty nose. It used to disgust me seeing young kids with snot crusted on their noses and dripping out, then I had a kid and realized you just gotta let it happen when theyre sick because obviously they dont know how to blow just yet.

noahs... noahsmom2010

I said all of those things as well, and I am the oldest of 8 children!!!  It's a whole other ballgame when it's your own child/children.  I didn't feed my son frozen food for the first year of his life (much to my family's annoyance)  but now he's almost 2 and I work full-time, go to nursing school part-time and I just can't make a "made from scratch" meal 3 times a day for him!!  besides, he loves chicken nuggets and corn dogs.  I must also add (and slap my hand please for doing this)  using the "spit thumb" to get things off his face in the frequent-event that I don't have or have forgotten the wipes...i don't even think about it until it's already done and I cringe on the inside haha!

MamaM... MamaMellie419

I admit I said a lot of these...I am still sticking to my no minivan rule but I feel that tug more and more each time I load our Versa up!  Although I did break the no frozen food rule I have been pretty diligent in making sure that what I feed my child isn't disgusting.  I purchase all white meat (read: whole pieces of chicken breast, not processed and reformed) chicken nuggets and bake them for my kids instead of hitting up the Arches every time they ask for chicken and fries.  My kids even dig those veggie mini corn dogs and would rather eat quinoa than oatmeal.  Not that your kids should be this way.  This is just how my family works and it makes me happy :)  It's okay to break the irrational rules we set for long as breaking them makes our kids into the kind of people we want them to be!

Redwall Redwall

Before I had kids, I didn't know what love really from the bottom of my I'd die for this child and will protect him for the rest of my life.  Not to say I don't love my husband, I truly do, but there's something about having a child tht just takes your breath away.

Alicia Kiner

I swore I would never make my kids clean up the house. LOL. Boy did I change my tune!  My kids are 6 and 7, and they pick up after themselves, they even put away their own laundry. Go me. In a couple of years, they'll even start helping with the dishes and then cooking.  Little did I know those chores of my childhood were preparing me for adulthood. I will pass on that hard-earned knowledge, hopefully with a little more patience than I learned it with. 

I will NEVER do the minivan. I do however enjoy my crossover SUV that has 3rd row seats for the occasional extra child or two.  ;)

sugar... sugarfox72

As much as I hate to admit it I love my mini van! **shakes head blushing** lol It's so nice to fit all of us and all our stuff and be comfortable! I have done all these things and I don't feel bad one bit! We have a few nick names for the van... mommy missile, grocery getter, vizzan... lol she gets us where we need to go in comfort if not style! ;)

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