21 Outrageous Things Your Toddler Is Thinking About You (PHOTOS)

little girlThere is one universal truth for every child -- my parents are going to embarrass me ... BIG TIME! They may not be able to express themselves just yet, but trust us, these little angels are annoyed, shocked, and mortified by so much of what we do. 

Check out these 21 tots who wish they could give mom and dad a piece of their mind.

What is the most embarrassing thing your toddler thinks you do?


Image via K-Chan

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Stacey. Stacey.

Those are just random baby photos with some weird thoughts. I doubt any 2 year old is going to think about mommys leggings being off trend or her red eyes from a girls night out.

nonmember avatar Really?

Regular slideshows are annoying enough, but you had to post one with over TWENTY slides?

Sadie... Sadie0711

omg this was hysterical.the picture for number 4 was the funniest thing ever.

and stacey, learn to have a sense of humor. geez lady. it's called a joke.

Mandago Mandago

The stupidest waste of time ever - and I'm referring to the writer, not myself, since I gave up after the second slide.

K-Chan K-Chan

aw! My little girl is on her twice!

Sarah Sultzbach McKee

this is ridiculous. yeah, its supposed to be funny, but there could have been way more likely cute things toddlers could be thinking. and i take offense to number 10; i know many moms of four (and more!) that look hotter in a midriff top than women who dont have any kids. that is so stereotypical 

nonmember avatar Ln

Weird, when did my toddler become a judgmental "mean girl" from high school?

nonmember avatar dixie

Oh people come on, it was meant as a joke. Goodness, it made my day better. So adorable

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

Stop with the freaking slide shows!!!!

We hate them.

We do not look at all of the slides!



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