12 Reasons the Terrible 2s Are Actually Terrific

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happy toddlerWhen my twins turned 2, I braced myself. I thought this was going to be it. The time that breaks me. When my kids test every possible limit I thought I had. Where the days end without much to eat, tantrum after tantrum, and a puddle of tears -- all my own.

Maybe it's all going to come crashing down when they turn 3, maybe I'm just thankful I have two littles who do cause chaos -- the most beautiful chaos I've ever known. But the terrible 2s have so far been terrific. Yes, there were things I feared about having a 2-year-old and those things did happen, but there are so many more amazing things going on, too. Here are 12 reasons the terrible 2s are anything but.

  1. They learn how to say I love you. And when you hear them say it, it's feels like your heart is the brightest rainbow with a unicorn dancing over it trailing a cloud of flowers.
  2. Sometimes, they start missing you when you leave. Of course you don't want your child to cry when you leave the house, but there is a sweetness when you know they miss you -- that they love you THAT much that they want you and only you. Gah! Pass the tissues!
  3. But sometimes, they don't even notice that you left. Or they adapt very quickly. Which helps with that guilty feeling that we sometimes get. Which makes it easier to have a little me-time.
  4. They talk! Their communication skills start increasing all through the 2s so you how they are feeling without having to guess and you can have actual conversations.
  5. They say hilarious things. My daughter busted out with "ABCDEFG spells constipation" the other day.
  6. They are no longer wobbly on their feet, which means you don't have to freak out every time they move. And thank goodness because all those soft-foam edge protectors you have all over the house are now being picked off by those little hands.
  7. It's one of the most adorable things to watch them pretend play. Watching my son tuck the baby doll into her own bed and then go to the play kitchen to make cookies is better than watching The Bachelorette. And I love my Bachelorette.
  8. They sing! The ABCs (without the constipation part) are always fun but my daughter knows a lot of the words to Baby Beluga and we harmonize off-key so beautifully.
  9. They make art! Yes sometimes it's doodles on the walls but that's what washable crayons are for! Plus, the kids' artwork looks much better on the fridge than those ironic magnets you bought before you were a parent.
  10. You are now free to act like a 2-year-old and giggle and tickle anytime and the house can erupt in adorable fits of laughter. How joyful is that?!
  11. Most of the cutest kid dancing videos out there are when the child is in the 2s. Now you can make your own!
  12. Two-year-olds are still small enough to still carry but not too small to walk. The options are there and it always brings a smile to my face when my daughter asks me to wear her as a backpack.

 What is your favorite thing about the "terrible 2s"?


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marie... mariesmama

my 2 yr old said a sentence the other day shes speech delayed so for her to spit out 4 words allatonce was so cool

nonmember avatar Tori

I agree with everything you just listed, but I still say 2's are torturous a good deal of the time. I will I find other's two year olds much more entertaining than I found mine! Lol!

linzemae linzemae

3-4 is usually worse

Simpl... Simply_Janeen

With my older daughter two was nothing compared to three. lol Three was AWFUL! My little one turns two next month. *sigh* I just love the toddler years. Even the temper tantrums and the pouts, they're just so cute and that year they just learn SO much and their thinking expands so much in that year between 2 and 3.

the4m... the4mutts

Kids at the age of 2 can be fantastic. But there is nothing wonderful about the actual terrible 2's. That new found independance? They use it to decide "no I WON'T do it, and you can't make me!"

Their devolped motor skills? That means they learn to climb, everything. The vocabulary increase? Sure they can say "I love you". They can also loudly ask, in a crowded grocery store "what is that shit?" Or my favorite, in a resturaunt, they drop some food, say "well shit!" Quickly followed by; "oh, I need to shit".

Every one of my 4 kids decide that shit was their favorite word from ages 2-3. They all grew out of it quickly, because I didn't react one way or the other to it. But it can be real embarassing out in public.

MassM... MassMommy10

Michele, I loved this! Way to think and see the positive!

laris... larissalarie

I LOVE 2 year olds! I think it's a wonderful age. It's 3 that has been the challenging age for us...

tonip... toniperoni

2 has been my favourite stage so far. I'm lucky although my dd is super stubborn she's also pretty even tempered so I know what to expect and she's generally easy going. I love the talking and the  "me do" stuff. It could be annyoying to let her close every door and wait forever for stuff to get done but I'm choosing to let her do anything she can and am enjoying seeing her confidence grow. They are real little kids now and not babies

nonmember avatar Mpa

It's not easy, but I love love love my 2 year old, terribleness and all :)

LizB86 LizB86

Every kid's different. My older daughter was a rotten little terror from about one and a half to two and a half. As she approached three she became more and more reasonable. For a few years it was all uphill, but now that she's in elementary school, a whole new set of interpersonal relationship challenges has cropped up. Never a dull moment!

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