Boy Wakes Up at His Own Wake to Ask for Water

The Daily Mail isn't always the most reliable source, but today they are reporting on a story out of Brazil where a 2-year-old boy woke up during his OWN wake, asked for water, and then fell back down and died. If the story is true, my heart breaks for this family in so many ways.

Losing a child is an unimaginable tragedy, and for most parents, it's the absolute worst nightmare. But this takes that even further. Can you imagine losing your baby, having that split second of terror and hope, and then losing him all over again?

There really are no words to say that can adequately express what that must have felt like to these parents, and my heart breaks for them. But there is more, too.

If this is true -- and it may not be -- what does that say about a hospital that can pronounce a child dead when he isn't? How would it even be possible that they could miss the signs that he was living?

It's chilling. As parents we expect the best in care for our babies and now I am sure these parents are left with the horrifying fear that something more could have been done for their child. Maybe he would have lived if only they hadn't given up so soon.

The hospital allegedly confirmed with Daily Mail that the boy was admitted in critical condition and was declared dead after suffering cardiac-respiratory failure, but it stops there.

No one besides those who were there really knows what happened at the wake. If the boy really did wake up and ask for water, any mother would be thinking that her child was lying there, thirsty and scared, and then to lose him again? It's almost beyond comprehension. No family should have to go through anything like this. 

If it's true, then someone needs to pay for this. This isn't something anyone could ever just get past.

Do you think this story is true?

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fave82 fave82

Do you even know what a coroner does to a body to prepare it for a wake? There's no way this is possible. Do some research for crying out loud.

jalaz77 jalaz77

No way did this happen, no way. 

nonmember avatar Kc

Well depending on the funeral service his family picked out there may have been minimal to no embalming done. So in theory the story is possible. In theory.

the4m... the4mutts

No. This can't possibly be true. Brazil has access to modern medicine, and education. They did not send an unembalmed body to a wake.

nonmember avatar Mama Lester

Actually if you take a look at the news article, there was no embalming (as it is in most poverish countries; in fact it's not even necessary HERE). They handed them their sons lifeless body in a plastic bag and the family proceeded to have a wake that night. An hour later, after probably being in such a comatosed state that life signs were unintelligible, he woke up but still couldn't sustain life. In countries such as this, this actually happens quite a bit more than you'd think. A man in egypt or somewhere like that, woke up at his own wake while his family was preparing to wash the body as they do over there. He actually lived though.

Lulu425 Lulu425

the4mutts - embalming isn't a requirement for funerals. Actually, a quick internet search will verify that embalming is a personal choice and never required by law. Even in America, low-budget funerals opt to have their loved ones refrigerated to preserve them for the viewing/funeral and then go straight to the burial. For those without life insurance or any sort of financial arrangement to take care of their funerals, cold preservation an option that many families are forced to take. Embalming doesn't STOP the deterioration, it only retards it for the extended, multi-day viewings and funerals that have become customary.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

I went to a wake 2 weeks ago where there was no embalming done. It wasn't a religious thing, or lack of access to it. The wake was the day after his death, and the family didn't want it. Doesn't mean this story is true though...........

mya90 mya90

I googled this after I read it here. I found an article that seemed pretty convincing. It showed a pic of the boy while he was alive, and the father is looking to sue the hospital for malpractice.

Mrs.A... Mrs.AdamSarah

I  have been told of an older lady who after the doctors said she was dead and she woke up right before they started surgery to take her organs, they had to stop cause she lived after that but yeah. It could be possible.

nonmember avatar Jackie

There was a women in Arkansas, I believe, that was put in a body bag left in the morgue because they thought she was dead, but a nurse heard a groan as she passed the door and found her alive, so it does happen.

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