Deaf Toddler Overjoyed to Hear Mom's Voice for the First Time (VIDEO)

cooper hears mamas voiceOur babies start hearing our voices before they're even born. Behind all the loud swishing blood flow and other noises they hear in utero, they hear the resonant vibrations of their mother's voice once they start developing their ear drums. But imagine if your baby didn't hear your voice until he was 2 years old.

Cooper is a toddler who was born deaf. But at the age of 2, he had cochlear implants that enabled him to hear at last. And we get to witness the first time he hears his mother's voice thanks to this video! 

Oh the delight on his face! At first it's hard to tell if the reason why he keeps pointing to his ear is because he's experiencing hearing for the first time or because he's feeling the device there. But the joy he feels at hearing his mother is unmistakable. 

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Parents of deaf children know you can lead a rich, full life without the use of your hearing. But this video of a child's first experience hearing is still exciting. While cochlear implants can't completely restore hearing, they can help profoundly deaf children learn to speak, and that's probably the goal with Cooper here. Good luck, kiddo!

Do you know any children who have had cochlear implants?


Image via ali maaz/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Eva

So beautiful. I am sobbing and laughing. What an adorable little sweetie!!

Karmi... KarmicChild

Excuse me please while I go hug my daughter, and tell her I love her, and find a new appreciation for the fact that she can hear me say it.

Kara Kelly

My son is deaf and also has Cochlear Implants. We didn't get a big reaction when they were turned on but the first time he said his first word was the most amazing and joyful experience. Thanks to technology my son has the best of both worlds hearing and deaf.

NewMo... NewMomma.S

I used to work at Cochlear Americas and it's an amazing product. Great getting this article out! More deaf people and families need to know about this so they too can have the joy of sound.

nonmember avatar HS

I see kids with cochlear implants often. The first time I learned abt them was abt 10 years ago in high school. Our band director's son was deaf (I always found it interesting, a musical family having a deaf child) and he got the implants.

Mal Budhan

I'm not sure, if my child were deaf, that I would use those. It doesn't provide complete hearing. I know deaf people who had it and hated it. They are stuck with the part connected inside their head but the took out the ear piece a long time ago. The window is small for when you can implant one, so it has to be a decision young in life. You can't really wait until they are older because they have to get it when they are young. I think as a family we would all take sign language classes and then when they were older they can make certain decisions about operations if they choose. I believe everything happens for a reason. I don't see deafness as a disability.

Mal Budhan

But I teared up when I saw the video it was very nice.

Bless... Blessed_Mami05

My son was born Deaf he is 4 years old now was implanted at 2 years old. His reaction to sound the day he was turned on was the booboo look on his face followed by hysterical crying. His cochlear has NOT been a success I found out later on he has Autism & severe sensory issues. As a mother to 4 other children who have no hearing problems at all I was excited with big hopes & dreams that my son would hear & talk ..I than watched a movie called Sound & Fury after seeing that movie I felt guilty for even trying to change my son. I have embraced his deafness & maybe one day he will make a choice to want to wear his cochlear..Deafness is definetly not a disabilty the way so many ppl think..

youth... youthfulsoul

I dont see a video, when I go directly to you tube, no video either.

Tyler... Tyler0102

I was born deaf. One of my eardrums was completely hardened & the other was 80+%. I had surgery when I was 3 to have an artificial eardrum put in place of the hardened eardrum & tubing in the other. I wish I knew more about the surgery i had because I would like to be able to recommend families. I can only suggest doing a lot of research. But eeing this video is absolutely amazing and makes me so thankful for my daughters hearing

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