Join the 'Stroller Brigade' Moms' Fight Against Big, Bad Chemicals -- Right Here, Right Now!

stroller brigadeLet's set aside extended breastfeeding while on Twitter/Facebook/Time for a moment and jump on something else that gets a lot of moms fired up: Toxic chemicals freakin' everywhere. There's a Stroller Brigade rolling through Washington, DC tomorrow, and they want a safer world for themselves and their children.

The Stroller Brigade is a protest group made up of moms, cancer survivors, nurses, and others who are rallying support for Senator Frank Lautenberg’s (D-NJ) Safe Chemicals Act. That's the bill that would update our country's ridonkulously outdated toxic chemical laws. Mamas be outraged when they read an expose on the chemical industry's corrupt ways.

Go mamas! But do they stand a chance?

Well, I hope so. Because that expose is freaky as hell. Companies that make flame retardants distorted the results of a study to make their chemicals look like life-savers while downplaying how harmful they are. You got that? They're promoting harmful chemicals that don't even offer that much fire protection! Why are we using them, then?

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Oh you know why. Because someone's making massive bank on those chemicals.

As moms we should be especially outraged. Flame retardants are all over our kids' pajamas, bedding, you name it. They breathe that junk in day and night. Chemical companies should be ashamed of themselves. If we could put a mom and a child in the same room every damn time a well-paid chemical industry lobbyist visited Capitol Hill, I think we'd be living in a very different world, don't you?

We can't do that every time. But these warrior queens are doing for us all tomorrow. They'll be presenting the Senate with 125,000 petition signatures. You can add your name to that petition. (Easy! Takes seconds!) Safer Chemicals will be sending out more information and you can follow them via Twitter.

Are you concerned about the effects of toxic chemicals on your children's health?


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mamivon2 mamivon2

To a certain extend yes I am worried..

jessi... jessicasmom1

Yes, I get worried only use lemon cleaner 

nonmember avatar Germaine Romey

The chemicals in our homes are bad enough, but when it gets so that its not even safe to step outside without a proper gas mask, this is insane. I done research on the spraying of chem trails and on a very clear blue sky day, I watched diligently from morning to evening as the massive jets flew over head here in Abbotsford BC, leaving massive chemtrails, not contrails. I couldn't believe my eyes as slowly these trails spread into cloud formations. I have seen the ripple formation where they looked like row's and row's of rippling waves spread across the skies, to long smooth clouds and so on. I couldn't stop the anger and rage that swelled up inside of me as I considered the suffering my grandson of 7 yrs old goes through dealing with headaches and breathing problems,and than having to take more crap just to deal with it. If I had the ability I would shoot these planes down myself. HAARP in Alaska really needs not only to be revealed, but to be dealt with, that all the evil they do must be stopped, NOW. OUTRAGED.

susanmk susanmk

It really is a vicious cycle as we use things that are harmful to us, then we get sick and need too go see the doctor who perscribes more drugs that do more harm then good. We all need to get in on this fight as this affects ALL of our health.

suziejax suziejax

very concerened 

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