Little Girl Mimics Dad's Outraged Reactions to Basketball Game (VIDEO)

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girl watching basketball with dadTake off your judgmental hats for a moment on this one and just bask in the adorableness of this father-daughter moment if you can. Yes, the dad curses right in front of his toddler daughter, but it's so damn cute I forgive him.

There they are watching the Celtics basketball together, and the dad is really into the game. The girl is watching right alongside him and echoing his intense reactions to what's happening on the screen. Her little voice and dancing around while she does it just makes it unbearably cute. Watch.


"A TRAVEL? Oh nooooo!" I love it, and she has one of the most adorable little voices ever. Plenty of commenters have pointed out that the NBA never calls traveling so her outrage is just too.

For the record, I'm pretty sure the dad says "frickin'" and not the full eff word. He may have said "bullshit," but like it or not, sports sometimes comes with a few rough words in the heat of the moment, and if that's the price to pay for priceless father-daughter bonding like this, then so be it as far I'm concerned.

I'm not a basketball fan, but I'd totally watch if these two paired up to provide commentary during games.

Do your children watch sports with you? Do you have to censor your enthusiasm?


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Stephanie Carr

HA! thats great! I'm not much of a sports fan and niether is the hubs but Noni gets really into hockey and well see what happens if the kids ever watch hockey with her. :)

MsRkg MsRkg

Lol that's too cute. Reminds me of my hubby and son when they watch football, basketball, and hockey together, monkey see monkey do! Lol.

Kelly Cole

This looks like my husband watching football with my daughter. I really love your non-judgmental article - sometimes funny is just funny:)

Becky Mangan

That is soooooo me and my Dad when I was little. Cute!

Lokis... LokisMama

Freaking travel!  *giggles*  That was too cute. 

Moria Funck

way too adorable!

Grant Miller

I've been forbidden to watch sports w/ any of my children, ever since I almost threw my infant daughter, INSTEAD of the remote, at the TV. LOL! And no, I'm not being serious. Well, not TOTALLY! HAHA!

suziejax suziejax

LOL how funny!

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