Taking Photos of Your Cute, Naked Kids in the Tub Is Not a Crime

Imagine being the proud, doting parent of two adorable baby girl twins. You're also a well-known artist and photographer. So, you get in the bathtub with your babies, take a  photo, show it off on Facebook and, why yes, then you are arrested for raping your children. This is the nightmare that happened to famed photographer Paul Rusconi, who has his photos in museums all over the world, and who has photographed celebrities like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Tyra Banks, and even President Obama.

It's really difficult to believe this happened, but it did. Rusconi was accused of raping his 20-month-old girls after a nanny, who was a distant relative, and her husband, saw the photos. There was no other evidence. Rusconi was arrested, spent the night in jail, was released on a $220,000 bond. And, oh yeah, his girls were given to his accusers. Ey, yi, yi!

After a year, Rusconi has been cleared of all charges and his girls were given back him. He now plans to sue his accusers.

Rusconi says that he believes the accusers were motivated by homophobia -- Rusconi is gay and his girls were conceived with donor eggs and birthed by a surrogate. And there is no doubt that child molestation accusations are taken very seriously these days, and that is a good thing.

But I also think, in this case, there seems to have been some nakedaphobia at play. Two babies in a bathtub with their father should not be viewed as sexual. Look at the photo (above) if you don't believe me. Does that look sexual to you?!

I shudder to think where my mother would be today if the hundreds of photos of me in various states of undress when I was a kid ever got into malicious hands. For the first five years of my life, I basically refused to wear clothes. There is one memorable photo of me and my best friend, both naked, both about 5 years old, that my mother took as she looked down into an empty garbage can, where my friend and I were hiding.

Naked kids in a garbage can?!!! The horror, the horror!

What do you think about photos of naked kids?


Image via Paul Rusconi/KTLA

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Mrscj... Mrscjones

I took so many photos of my son naked he was adorable. It let you know where their mind were.

nonmember avatar A

Don't put yourself in that position, especially on the internet.

I would never do that with my own son that I actually carried and birthed.

He's literally just a sperm donor to those babies. So, yes, it's creepy.

Babies are people too. I would be appalled if there was a pic of me as a baby naked in a tub with my dad floating around on the internet.

Geez, have some privacy people.

Jenny... JennyG0929

I was obsessed with my babies pinchable little heinies. I have tons of pictures of their little butts!

Kristin McShane

I personally don't like them or take them, but I don't see anything wrong with it. And charging this guy with rape seems INSANE.

craft... craftycatVT

Just a sperm donor? As opposed to the other men out there who carry and birth their own children? He's their father, doesn't matter if there is a mother involved or not.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Thank you Craftycat. I'm pretty sure every father who loves their children were just offended by A's comment. Probably mothers who had to have babies through surrogacy as well. And people who adopt... So pretty much everyone that has a child they didn't personally carry in a womb. It takes a pretty impressive level of stupidity to be able to offend that many people with a single comment.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Yeah, sorry, it's the year 2012, and taking pics of your kids is now declared a sex crime at the same level as raping a child by the American public. Sorry, it's true. Under current political climate, anyone found doing this will be considered the same as Jennifer Mahoney and put on the sex offender registry for life.

This begs the question, if your mother took pictures of you as naked kid in the bathtub, and you have these pics on your computer, can you go to prison for possession of child porn - of yourself???

Craft... CraftyJenna

How is he "just a sperm donor"? He is their father, just like any father. People need to calm down about innocent naked pictures, there is a huge difference between naked baby pictures and child porn.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Hey, don't be too hard on A, she's just a product of the new American political climate that is supposed to hate men, think sex is disgusting, and find everything men do as being characteristic of sex predators.

Addys... Addys_Mom

While I think a rape charge was waaaaay uncalled for, he was slightly irresponsible for posting those pictures all over the internet. That just seems like asking for trouble.

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