How Big Is a T-Rex, Anyway? (VIDEO)

t-rex kid asked whatOne of the most painfully embarrassing things about being a parent is having the realization that you aren't actually qualified to answer most of your kid's questions. Um ... I think I knew why the sky was blue at some point, but ... um ... let's Google it!

That's why this episode of CafeMom Studios' Your Kid Asked What?!? absolutely cracks me up. "How Big Was a T-Rex?"

Um ... I think I knew at some point, but ...


At least none of the other grown-ups in this video seem to have any idea how big a T-Rex was, either. (I mean, even I know they were way bigger than 6 feet tall. Hmmph. See, I'm smart.)

I'm telling you, watch this video and you'll feel a lot better about yourself. Even better, you'll actually know how to answer your kid's question, should they ask about the size of a T-Rex.

Do YOU know how big a T-Rex was? (Honestly?)

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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