Toddler Gets Head Caught Inside Potty Chair & Creates Embarrassing Photo Op


pottiesPotty training is just not going very well for the Berkobits family. They had to call in the fire department when their three-year-old son Tzvi got his head stuck inside his potty seat. Putting the potty seat around your head -- that is such a toddler thing to do.

Never mind that mommy and daddy probably showed him several times that it's actually his BUTT that goes there.

Silly boy! It all turned out fine in the end. The boy didn't want to let go of the seat so the firemen ended up having to cut through the back of it. "It's not every day that you remove a toilet or a potty from someone's head," a spokeswoman said. But the firemen told the Mrs. Berkobits they do this all the time. (Remove potty seats from heads, that is.)

I so wish I could embed the head-in-potty video right here -- it's hilarious. Yes OF COURSE the Berkobits family took a picture of Tzvi with that toilet seat around his neck. And OF COURSE he's crying in the picture. It's going to be so awesome when Tzvi grows up and his parents gleefully pull out that photo for their new daughter-in-law to see!

It goes without saying that I was far too sensible a toddler to ever have done anything so absurd myself (i.e. there is no photographic evidence). But I do remember my little brothers using the training potty cups that went under the seat as hats. Gross!

Yeah. I guess it's going to be a few more months before little Tzvi gets a handle on that potty training business.

Has your toddler done crazy things with their potty chair?


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nonmember avatar Christie

We put it in DDs room for the night time training and the first time she used it at night she carried (ie.spilled) it all the way to our room...needless to say it was the one and only time the training potty was in her room after that she had to make it to the bathroom at night. We had a few more accidents but no more carrying incidents.

kswyo kswyo

My kids did that too but luckily we were able to get it off ourselves. 

nonmember avatar jill

That's so funny. Little one's will get into everything.

nonmember avatar reader

This is normal little kid stuff. If there is someplace they can get stuck, they will.

nonmember avatar Kim

This is funny, but that poor little guy is going to have some seriously blackmail on him from his sibling's perspective when he gets older. But I can't imagine how traumatizing it would be to have a noise saw cutting through a potty seat, just inches from your head!

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