Toddler Crawls Out of Crib, Gets Hit by Car

doorwayRemind me not to read the news. Ever.

The weekend was filled with upsetting reports of toddlers wandering away from homes and mommies -- one ending in tragic circumstances. But at least these stories reminds me that I cannot put off the trip to Home Depot to buy those extra door locks any longer. My son has been able to unlock and open the door for some time now, but you know, we moms get complacent sometimes. These stories helped to put my guard back up -- hope they will do the same for you, too.

  • A 3-year-old Tanzanian girl, living with refugee parents in Des Moines, Iowa, wandered away from her babysitter's house Friday wearing one shoe and no coat. The girl's parents, who work in a meat packing plant, had left her at the sitter's while they went to work. She was found unharmed after a brief search; no charges will be filed against the parents.
  • A 2-year-old child in San Bernadino, California, crawled out of his crib, opened the house door and snuck out Saturday morning. He walked a mile down a busy road before wandering into the path of an oncoming car and was killed. The mom was home at the time, but police are still tyring to figure out how he managed to sneak out.
  • At Hickory-Dickory Dock amusement center in Hickory, North Carolina, on Friday, a mom was talking to a friend when her 13-month-old son walked away from her. He walked out of the building through the automatic doors. After a frantic search, a K-9 patrol found the boy outside about 20 minutes later. He was fine.

Has your toddler ever wandered out of the house or away from you at the store? Tell us what happened and what steps you take to prevent it from happening again.

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