9 Crazy Outfits Created by Kids (PHOTOS)

crazy outfitLong ago, when I dreamed of my future children, I saw them in clean, adorable outfits, preferably those from European designers (hey, I was dreaming.). Yeah right.

Getting clothes (or more specifically the clothes you want) on a toddler is one of the most challenging tasks known to moms. They have opinions (and STRONG ones) about them, and often insist on doing it themselves, which would be great ... if they had a freaking clue what they were doing. Instead they come out in the craziest, most mismatched messes ... and then expect us to take them out in public like that. They refuse to make any distinction between "dress up clothes," pajamas, and the "real" clothes, and there you are in the grocery store with Batman.

It's a good thing they're cute, and like so many other things with parenthood, we often just have to let go of what we thought things would be like, and just let them be. Here are eight adorable kids who dressed themselves.

What crazy outfits do your kids wear?

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ms.je... ms.jenny10

my little girl was waring the same out fit as the girl in the pink dress and rain boots yesterday

nonmember avatar r0sal1n3

Oh my. My little brat is visiting her grandma and she is very very picky with her clothes and shoes. Right now, she picks her own clothes to wear to match her youngest uncle. She's only two! If he's wearing black, she'll take off her clothes and find clothes in black to wear. And the rest of her uncles (five of them) try to buy matching clothes for her to wear with them! It's a circus at her grandma's house. Yup. She's the only grandkid, so she gets spoiled like crazy by them. Uncle and niece wearing matching "Angry bird" outfits? Ugh!!!

doodl... doodlebut

Why do you still do the slide shows when so many people have told you they sink?

Todd Vrancic

My oldest  started her sophmore year in high school wearing pants advertising the school rival.  When they asked her if her parents knew what she was wearing she said, "It's the first day of school, they're happy I'm wearing pants!"  She is not an exhibitionist, she just needed a few days to get into the groove of  getting up earlier to get ready and go to school.  The first few days of school, I'm good if the kids are wearing clothes that comply with the dress code, matching is an option, not a guarantee.

Todd Vrancic

*Sigh*  I miss those days.

Eques... EquestrianMom

My son is frequently a super hero, often a cowboy (cause we are) and most often, a happily mismatched and over dressed boy. He wore his rain boots, rain jacket and took his umbrella to walmart a few days ago, and justified that he had "Seen two clouds so it might rain!" even though we live in the desert :P I love it, hope he always dresses the way he wants! 

Stephanie Carr

I let my son pick his own t shirts, he's 13 months, but more often than not he just takes it off and runs around without. I'm lucky if hell keep his pants and diaper on. My mom has some awful pictures of me and my 2 brothers fashion sense when we were kids.

grave... gravercem

My dd is almost always mismatched and almost all ways has on the most colorful, outrageous tights or knee high socks, and if by chance she has to wear jeans those socks go over the pants legs.  She started out matching all her clothes until one day Grandma and her could not find a pair of pants to match a shirt and grandma told her mismatching was in style.  Ow how I bet she regrets those words now! LOL. 

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