Dad Jumps From Moving Car to Save His 4-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

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dad rescues daughter in road chinaA dad in China jumped out of the car he was driving to rescue his 4-year-old daughter who had opened the car door by accident while climbing from the back of the car to the front. She fell out onto the middle of a busy street and her dad jumped out of the car, ran back, and quickly scooped her up just as another car was approaching the girl from behind.

The car he was driving kept going before crashing into a tree on the sidewalk. Fortunately no one was hurt.

The entire incident was video-taped by a surveillance camera and you really do have to see it to believe it.

Take a look:

Isn't that amazing?

What reflexes that dad had. He didn't bother to stop his car or pull over, he just jumped from the moving car to save his daughter not caring what would happen to his car -- or even anyone around him. He was willing to do anything it took to save his daughter. It's the way we all hope we'd react in such a scary, crazy situation.

Fortunately, we have car seat and safety belt laws in the U.S., but this is the kind of thing that could happen if we didn't obey them. It's also a really good reminder to keep your kid's car doors locked. They can open them even when they're still pretty small and it's a lesson you don't want to learn the hard way.

That dad must be so very relieved, but I can't help but wonder what he told his wife when he got home.


Image via IBTimesTV/YouTube


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banan... banana-bear

And she wasn't restrained in a car seat harness, WHY???? This is no father of the year - just a man trying to make up for the colossal mistake of having his child unrestrained in a moving vehicle.

nonmember avatar Dtai

^car seats are not required, and rarely used in china.

Jeannette Scott

My friend was driving along the motorway with her little boy securely strapped into his car-seat when he climbed out put his hands over her eyes & said "Guess who Mummy"?
She managed to avert disaster but kids can & do get free regardless of how securely we think we have placed them. 

Bonnie Bruns Williams

Great reflexes, Dad!! Wow, what a scary situation -- would be nice if China would require carseats for children though!


nonmember avatar r0sal1n3

Before everyone starts bashing in on the father...This incident DID NOT happen in America. They don't have carseat/seatbelt laws in most southeast asian countries or China. The laws are different there than in America. I've been to countries where they cram as much people as they can into a vehicle with no regards to the safety of the passengers. If you've ever been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, or a similar country, you know what I'm talking about. It's not even required to have a license to drive a vehicle there and it's really really dangerous.

Kudos to the dad's quick thinking and the taxi driver who braked in time to save the life of that child. She was one of the very lucky ones.

Torra... TorranceMom

Wait . . . a female baby in China actually made it out of the womb? Crazy!!!

banan... banana-bear

I don't need a law to tell me to fasten my child into their car seat. And children who get out of their seats, unbuckling the belts, have not been taught and trained properly. My kids would never even imagine doing such a thing.

the4m... the4mutts

Funny, carseats are made in china, but they don't use them? *insert inapproperiate joke about the wages in a sweatshop here*

I kid.

But really, I'm very glad she is okay. It could have gone a lot worse.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

Wow of course anyone would jump into action to save their child but his reaction was so quick I'm impressed. I have o admit when I've had the few times my kids have gotten really hurt (meaning bleeding involved) it takes me a few seconds to react to take me from freezing with an "oh shit!" to taking care of the situation. So glad the little girl is ok!

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