11 Types of Moms at the Playground

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mom at park with childOne of the things no one told me about becoming a mom is that it will make you feel like you are back in high school again. When you first go to the playground with your kids, that is. You're the newbie mom (or dad) and it seems that all the other parents and caretakers there already know each other. You are the outcast. Like the kid in the lunchroom who has no one to sit next to. How do you break the ice? Do you talk to the people with kids around the same age? Or maybe you size up the mom and think ... yeah, she seems like someone I would get along with.

Either way it's hard to make a connection when you often have to run off in different directions to stop your little one from stealing the ball from the older kids at the park. But you look for similarities, ways you are alike, and try to make some parent friends. In doing so I realized how there is 11 types of moms (dads, even caretakers) at the playground ... and these types seem to be standard no matter where I go.

1. Fancy Mom

She's in high heels, her makeup looks perfect, and you really want to know where she bought her clothes. You envy the fact she can run after her kids in a dress and still manage to look like a gazillion bucks.

2. Pajama Mom

She's comfy, cozy, and maybe doesn't match, but she doesn't care. She gives you ideas on what sweats would look best with what t-shirt.

3. Always Coffee In Hand Mom

She's the envy of every tired parent at the playground because she always has her cup of Joe. But it does make some wonder ... is it really coffee?

4. Cell Phone Mom

This mama cannot deconnect from her phone -- talking or texting or scrolling. Maybe it's for work, maybe it's some social network, maybe she's reading the mobile version of a magazine, but she's on the phone so much you start to believe she does have eyes on the back of her head.

5. Photo Taking Mom

This mom must have full photo albums for each day because she's snapping a picture from every angle, for every step her little one takes.

6. "Ack! Where Are My Kids?!" Mom

Let's just say this mom isn't paying a lot of attention to her kids.

7. Hovering Mom

And let's just say this mom is the definition of a helicopter parent, not letting her child take one step without being rightherenexttoher.

8. Peter Pan Mom

Fun, free-spirited mom isn't afraid to slide down the slide, get sand in her toes while building sand castles, and really get into playing at the park.

9. Loner Mom

This type makes no eye contact, and never smiles at the other parents. It's clear she doesn't want to be involved with even the smallest of talk.

10. Super Friendly Mom

Quick to smile and say hello, Super Friendly Mom remembers how old your kids are and even their names. She's the mom who will text you asking for playdates.

11. Entourage Mom

This mom rolls with at least two other moms wherever she goes. It's hard to tell whose kid belongs to who in this group but they're tight and are like the cool kids in the lunchroom.

I think I've been every one of these moms at one time or another. Even Loner Mom ... on those super cranky days.

Which type(s) of mom do you think you are? What other types of moms have you run into at the playground?


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toria... toriandgrace

I'm pretty much always on the phone with my best friend who lives on the other side of the country.

Rissa... Rissa2008

I am at times a pajama mom, photo taking mom, hovering mom,
loner mom.....
my hubby on the other hand is the peter pan, super friendly, photo taking,
....he use to be hovering and "Ack! Where Are My Kids?!"

another type of mom should be: I watch everyone elses kids mom..(that's both me and hubby)


paige... paige8608

I'm all of these mixed together except for #11.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I'm a mix of all. I don't helicopter much though, unless my 2 year old attempts to climb the rock wall. Then I stand there ready to catch if she falls.

Michelle Stringfield Adcox

1. Fancy mom, Never!!! Why would anyone where heels to the PG

2. PJ mom, always!! Tshirt and comfy capri's. That's me

3. Coffe mom...I wish

4 & 5. Yes meaning on my cell phone taking pics

8. Peter Pan I am!!!

9-no 10-yep 11-Love my girls!!

6. Where's my kids? mom. Very much so. My kid is like a Ninja. 

7. Hovering mom. With a child under the spectrum and ninja kid. For the protection of him and other kids? yep!!


samm5590 samm5590

Im either the cell phone mom or the entourage mom. Me and my roommate/ best friend are taking our boys out together.... Its easier to handle them :) You have a back up mom just in case

jessi... jessicasmom1

haging around the house! enjoying a day 

organ... organicyogalove

you forgot about the yelling mom, the mom that just sits there barking orders at her kid/kids.

nonmember avatar Event

What about "I live with my parents mom.", "Trashy cigarette smoking mom", "I drive a piece of crap from the 80s mom", "My kids clothes are 2 sizes too small and covered in stains and food mom"....

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