Terrified 2-Year-Old Outruns a T-Rex! (VIDEO)

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kid & t-rexI can just see this kid 20 years from now, lying on a therapist's couch, talking about the horrible nightmares he's had since childhood:

So there's always this giant dinosaur ... it's a T-Rex! And it's staring right at me! And all I can think to do is run, run like the wind! And I can hear people laughing in the background ... I guess the T-Rex eats them.

Of course the T-Rex of his nightmares was really part of an animatronic exhibit his parents took him to see when he was 2, so it didn't actually eat anybody. But if it had been real?

Little Zack definitely had the right reaction ...

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Kid took off like a shot! That's some serious speed for a 2-year-old:

I love how he's screaming "run, run!" the whole time. Run, you fools!! Run for your lives!

Maybe Zack's parents should wait a few years before they let him watch Jurassic Park ...

What would your kid do if he saw a gigantic moving dinosaur?


Image via tfoust1012/YouTube

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CPN322 CPN322

Hahahaha poor kid! I imagined him thinking "Come on, he's going to eat you and I'm not waiting for you!" :)

MsRkg MsRkg

Haha aww that's cute. My son would be the one to run towards the T-Rex, he has no concept of fear. He gives me a heart attack on most days. lol.

Andrea Byrd Plate

Hehe...makes me think of when my cousin took her son.  According to her, his eyes got HUGE and he whispered "Dinosaurs...EAT...Sylas (his name)".  Cracked me up.

Katriena Young

Cute. I like how they laugh and than its like we better go get him.

femal... femaleMIKE

he may be too young for the park. he was so terrified.  Cute

libby261 libby261

What a horrible thing to do to a little kid!  He was really terrified.  Great parenting morons!

MomaL... MomaLlama

I love how they just watch him run away, you know they are thinking..."Okay, he'll stop any second and turn around to see if we are following"  But he never stops and before you know it he's outta there.  That dad needs to put down his camera and go after him because that mom will never catch up wearing that baby! 

MomoJL MomoJL

They told him to run, I think he was thinking it's ok, not real, whatever...but then his parents BOTH tell him to run!

Todd Vrancic

When our middle girl was this age, she also did not know the meaning of the word fear, come to think about it, she still doesn't!

nonmember avatar KristiC.

I thought it was pretty funny, until they let him get WAAAAYYY too far away. Some creeper could have grabbed him & ran before they could even reach him.

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