25 Mom Confessions to Top All Mom Confessions

There are confessions and then there are CONFESSIONS. You won't believe some of the stuff that the members of CafeMom are willing to spill publicly (as long as they don't have to use their real names). Mostly because they know other moms have either done some of them or at least contemplated doing them very seriously. Hey, we are only human!

We're not sure what's more unbelievable -- the confessions themselves or the way some readers reacted to them.

Here are 25 pretty shocking parenting choices moms confessed to making, and some reader reactions. Some you can imagine ... but some may surprise you ...

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Boy, lots of martyrdom and insecurity in the comments to some of these!

nonmember avatar Theresa

Some of these weren't that shocking or much of a big deal (even if I could never relate). I do take issue with risking the health and safety of your kids because you're on the lazy side. It takes 30 secs for someone to harm or take an unattended child. Plus, what kind of friend is okay with a mom leaving her babies alone for her own selfish convenience? If I live five mins from my friends by car, I'll walk 20 mins or so. The diaper thing was pretty bad too. Funny how some moms are willing to put their kids through the discomfort they'd never be willing to endure themselves.

nonmember avatar KICK ME

number 4 is not that bad. slideshow took way to long

nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

These are all so old.. Why can't this site get new confessions?

miche... michellehaygood

It takes a village to raise a child.....

Jennifer Cummins

The vacation and the wedding aren't bad at all. Now the bathtub thing and the dirty diaper at night are horrible.

miche... michellehaygood

I read all of them... a few of the comments pissed me off... over protective parenting will only end with a teenager lashing out... how will they learn if we dont allow them any independance?

Carmen Martin

Some of these people are appallingly stupid.  You never leave a toddler unattended, especially in the bathtub.  Your husband won't thank you for trapping him into fatherhood again.  Diaper rash is easily prevented and your child's needs come before your own.  I swear, people should have a license to breed just like they need a license for everything else.  What a bunch of morons.

Leslee Lawrence

OH MY GOODNESS! Some women or GIRLS rather don't even deserve the right to be called a mother. It is a priviledge and an honor to be a MOM to a child. To set examples and to be there for their child when he/she is in need. The world needs a reality check...seriously. How has Child Protective Services not gotten involved in some of these high-risk situations? I know i am not the only one that thinks the way some women choose to raise their children these days has gotten rediculous! And i am not judging by any means but i am PROUD to hear my three beautiful children call me mommy 50 times a day lol. The best decision i ever made was when i decided to become the up-most hardest working far from perfect spend every waking minute with  my babies kind of mom <3 Happy early Mother's Day to all new.old. to-be MOMS! 

NewLe... NewLeashonLife

Only two of these are super horrifying..

Intentionally causing your child physical harm by not changing the diaper? It may just be a little diaper rash to you but it hurts like hell for them and if the doctor doesn't call the autorities on you, I hope karma bitch slaps you in an equally horrible way.

And bringing a child into the world and a relationshp where one half of the relationship doesn't want it? That's fucked up...I hope he figures it out and leaves the sneaky conniving bitch. she doesn't deserve to be an adult relationship if she's going to act like a child.

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