2-Year-Old Bikes 3 Miles Alone to Visit Sick Grandma (VIDEO)

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toddler bikeI'm all for free-range parenting and independent kids. But can that sense of independence go too far? Like, three miles too far?

Little 2-year-old Noah Joel of Hameln, Germany was worried about his sick grandma. So he decided to hop on his little toddler bike and ride across town to visit her at the hospital. Because that's just what you do, right?

THREE MILES LATER the police found the kid after people spotted him criss-crossing a street several times looking lost.

His poor mom. She thought he was just playing in his room. But then she went to check on him and noticed he and his wheels were missing. Naturally Noah ran out of the house without shoes on, but he did think to pack a few snacks in his backpack. Priorities!

And by the way, the only reason why he didn't make it all the way to the hospital is because his bike isn't outfitted with GPS like all vehicles should be -- that's what he told the police. (Also, I'm pretty sure Noah would want me to point out that he does not ride a tricycle. He rides one of those groovy no-pedal balance toddler bikes that Germans credit with teaching young kids how to ride without ever using training wheels.)

Okay, and the cherry on the top of this crazy toddler story sundae is that this is the Hameln/Hamelin made famous by the tale of the Pied Piper. You know, the guy who plays the flute and makes all the kids just walk out of town? It's like Noah was following the Pied Piper!

Anyway, we can all laugh now because Noah is safe and nothing bad happened to him. Phew. But can you imagine the confidence this kid has? I know so many clingy toddlers. Hell, I know so many  clingy kids! But this guy -- he's Mr. Independent. I just hope his grandma is feeling better. This story should at least give her a big laugh and make her feel loved!

Would your toddler ever do anything this independent?


Image via valentinapowers/Flickr


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J-Ale... J-AlexMom

OMG this is too cute... I mean, dangerous as hell, but cute... Just one question though, is 3 miles not far in Germany because to me, 3 miles on a bike for a 2 year old would take atleast 45-60 minutes which is kinda a long time, wouldn't you say?

In any event, I am happy that he's safe & his mom better hide that bike :-)

mlber... mlberry4172

Let's just say my hubby and I keep locking each other out of the house trying to keep our almost 3 year old in!! He has no fear, and since he can't put his own shoes on, he'll just walk out without them on! His jacket is on though cuz he can do that himself. Just two days ago, I unlocked the screen door to let dh in, I turn around and go back to the sink. Look up and there he is streaking through our backyard to visit the neighbors dog. Took 30 seconds, if that. Exhausting! Needless to say, this one is not left alone for a second!

Melis... Melissa042807

It all goes back to the old logic "If they're being too quiet, something's wrong!" I'm very glad this little boy is okay - betcha his parents are investing in some serious door security locks now. :-)

Angel... Angelanscalf89

When my daughter was 3 she said she was running away but she didnt go any farther than the front porch

nonmember avatar jenn72

THIS is my 3yr old Jasper. There is a rule that he is NEVER to be left alone.. not even for a teeny second. All my doors and windows are Jasper proofed because he is a mini Houdini, and so headstrong and independant and stubborn..... GAH.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Hehe such a cute story but scary as hell! My almost 47 year old is fearless too and given the chance she would be visiting neighbors on a regular basis.

ldbc ldbc

^^^^^ I hope you mean 4 year old....not 47 year old. Lol.

Simpl... SimplyErathy

me and hubs both call bs. i have a two year old and theres no way he would do all that planing and make it out of the house..where was the mom????

Rhaps... RhapsodyG

Someone took the Little Red Riding Hood "let's go visit sick Grandma" to the extreme.

CryPi... CryPixie83

Keep in mind that culture surrounding children is different in Germany, they don't hover, and it's not uncommon for their kids to play quietly for stretches of time.  No need to call BS :-)

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