Moms Weigh In On 'Screen-Free Week' (It's for Suckers!)

kid tvDo the words "screen-free week" send shivers of utter horror down your very spine? Hello, friend! Pull up a chair over here at the Lazy Moms Anonymous table!

Don't get me wrong -- I truly respect and admire the parents I know who are somehow managing to raise their kids without the aid of on-call entertainment.

As for me?

I'm a far-from-perfect parent in many ways and for many reasons, not the least of which is my approach to limiting screen time: I don't.

Never have. My (probably brain-damaged by now) children's fate was sealed that fateful day when my daughter, then a fussy, wailing infant, was miraculously silenced by the sight of the baby-faced sun on the Teletubbies. Time for Teletubbies, indeed! I was tired. I was desperate. TV not recommended for kids under the age of 2?

You can take your recommendations and stick 'em where that baby-faced sun don't shine, American Academy of Pediatrics.


When Tinky Winky and the gang lost their magic, Elmo took over as a handy-dandy tantrum-buster. Was this a good way to raise a toddler? All I knew at the time was that Elmo made the volcanically agitated little person with the tear-streaked face all smiley and quiet again. All hail Elmo.

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Anyway, turns out I'm far from alone. (In fact, it's getting pretty crowded over here at the Lazy Moms Anonymous table.)

Just get a load of the answers some moms (co-workers and friends) gave to the question, "Are you doing screen-free week with your kids?"

"I'd never make it! Sad, but true."

"We are definitely doing that as soon as (my son) grows up and leaves the home, heh heh."

"You couldn't pay me to do it."

"Hell no."

"Yeah, ask me on a week my husband IS home."

"Are you kidding? It's hockey playoffs!"

"Screen-free week?!"

"I would lose my mind."

See what I mean?

So, how about you? Be honest -- it's not like any of us are judging (glass houses, cough, cough):

Are you doing "screen-free" week with your kids?

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