10 Funny Mom Confessions About Vacationing With Kids

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So, my family and I survived the 16-hour trip from Baltimore to Disney World. Not only did we survive it, we had an absolute blast. It was as close to perfect as a trip with three young kids could possibly be. Hallelujah! But, that's not to say our trips have always been so successful. We've had stomach bugs, flat tires, and ear infections plague many a family trip. Thankfully, just not this one! It seems like, more often than not, family trips aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Forgetting your last one? Check out these confessions from the Scary Mommy Confessional on family vacations. And, plan a solo trip with your spouse ...

1. "The last time we took a family vacation, we ended up coming home three days early because I was so sick of my kids."

2. "My best friend chastised me when we bought an SUV with a DVD player. She just took her first trip without one with her family and I sang 'I told you so' for the whole week after."

3. "We spent our last family vacation at the ER with my son. I felt horrible that his ears were in pain, but more so, I resented that I was missing the beach."

4. "I've put potty-trained kids in a Pamper just to avoid the stop and promised candy to them if they agree to actually pee in it."

5. "My kids wear the same two outfits for a week-long vacation so I don't come home to suitcases full of laundry."

6. "If my son asks, 'Are we there yet?' one more time, I swear I’m going to knock him out."

7. "My son and I were kicked off an airplane once because he was so out of control. I lied to my family and said the flight was cancelled."

8. "Our best friends invited us to their beach house for a week. The idea of being around their kids 24/7 is actually worse than being home alone with mine."

9. "I get 6 weeks paid vacation, but told my husband I only have 3. The idea of 6 weeks with the family? Unthinkable."

10. "My kids have never been on vacation with my husband and me. They must think the world ends with Texas."


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My daughter is six and its never occoured to my husband and I to take a vacation with her.....yet. She barely tolerates the two hour trip to grandma's house, so I couldnt imagine taking her on a real road trip...or god forbid an airplane until she's a tad older and more mature. 

-Stra... -Strawberry-

A DVD player in the truck is  LIFESAVER for us. 

nonmember avatar lola1980

One more reason only children are the way to go!

cassi... cassie_kellison

Going on vacation when we had one child wasn't bad. I don't know how much we will do now that the second is coming soon. I never really had problems in the car w/out a tv or electronic device til this last 8 hour trip to grandpa's. That trip had a lot of are we there yets, so I might need something in there before we take the 14hour drive to grandma's house

Anne DeYoung Nowicki

We take our two kids everywhere with us, and have since they were teeny babies. We've never had a problem in regards to their behavior and always look forward to trips (one coming up this June!. We've taken 21 hour road trips as well as plane rides and honestly, I think if you have realistic expectations, it won't be so bad. Or maybe I'm just one of the lucky moms with really good kids. My kids are 2 and 4 and I honestly look so forward to vacations with them. We always have a blast.

Em Chappell-Root

My husband and I hated the 4 hour drive to the beach when it was just the two of us, now that we have 3 kids, we're not going until everyone is at least 6 years old. Our idea of a vacation is making the one hour drive to the zoo the night before and getting a motel room so that we don't start out the day frazzled from the drive.

nonmember avatar Sami

I have always been able to take my two sons on vacation without a problem. They have both been on numerous road trips and plane rides since they were babies and always behaved. But my two year old daughter has not been on a vacation and we won't take her for awhile. She can't last over an hour in the car, I couldn't imagine being stuck on a plane with her!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha these are funny, I have to admit I can't agree with a few but I do feel the pain. We have yet to do a real far away vaca with the kids, the furthest we have been away from home is 3.5 hours, that is a little get away to me not really a vaca. We are talking about driving to Chicago (6-8hrs away, not bad) with the kids and soooo glad we finally bought a vehicle with a DVD player. The kids do know it is only used when we drive out of town for an hour or longer. I have to say though, we are talking about going on more trips with the kids now that they are growing up a bit, they are 6, 4 and almost 2 so we feel ready for the drama if there will be any.

Andrea Manning

I went on a trip to Germany (9 hours flight) with both kids all by myself when they were just 2 1/2 years and 2 month old. Worked out fine. Very stressful but ok. Last year I went to Germany for 2 1/2 weeks all by myself without children and it was amazing ;-)

Eileen Violet

Overall my kids are/were pretty good travelers...but you have to know, and be realistic ahead of time, that you need to be extra patient, things are going to move slower, take longer, etc. etc. etc...and Disney?  Boo Ya!  Someone else's kid was always behaving worse than mine!  LOL...DVD player?  YES...for road trips, try to drive super early, during nap time, or super late...go slow, stop at roadside's that have parks and run...pack alot of snacks...I've loved traveling with my kids...and actually littler ones were easier than teens who felt they were missing out on their social life...and God forbid you head into the mountains with NO Cell Signal...

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