6 Toddlers Try Lemons for the First Time & Hilarity Ensues (VIDEOS)


sour toddlerYou know what never, ever gets old? Watching toddlers and babies try to eat lemons. That sour-face picker, the little shudder they do -- priceless! I couldn't get enough of it when my son was a toddler.

That's why I've curated this lovely selection of toddlers eating lemons and limes. Watch these kids' faces turn inside-out with sourly sour sourness. Mmm, lemons, tasty tasty.

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You gotta give it to this little guy -- he's persistent. He knows this thing the grownups gave him is painfully tart. And yet -- strangely intriguing! He tries it over and over again just to make sure it really is that sour.

Same with this guy. I think we have a lemon fan on our hands. Can Sour Patch Kids be far behind?

What makes the toddler sourface so fun is that their little faces are already so chubby -- so those sweet cheeks look hysterical when they pucker.

Oh the cute! This baby slays me. Apparently he slays his parents, too.

This is actually just a lemon ice, but OMG, the face!

This little guy came to the conclusion that lemons are so hideous they can only be good for cleaning tables. Good call, little dude, although someday you'll discover lemon bars. Nom.

Has your child tried lemons or limes yet?


Image via pkelley7777/YouTube

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Pinst... Pinstripes4

I really hope that the message board won't result in name-calling the parents of these tots cruel and terrible and not deserving to have children.

The videos were ridiculously funny, though. I'm in pieces.

nonmember avatar Anon

One of my kids likes eating lemons. People have tried to order her to stop, LOL. Her sister periodically takes a taste just to re-confirm that she isn't missing anything good. LOL.

nonmember avatar HS

So it's ok to laugh and mock your child eating lemons yet it's considered child abuse to use hot sauce as a discipline technique. I'm so confused...

katzm... katzmeow726

DD begged me to let her try one once.  I figured she would hate it and stop asking after I let her have a taste.

Quite the opposite...even with the funny face, it's one of her favorite citrus fruits.  CHildren are weird LOL 

katzm... katzmeow726


The hot sauce is painful, and if you're referencing the case of the woman who also put her son in teh shower, that was a HUGE difference.  SHe forced him to hold a HUGE mouthful of sauce in his mouth for a long period of time.  In a young child that can cause sores and blistering in addition to the emotional scars.

Letting yoru child try a lemon once, and having a good giggle over it is NOT the same thing.  OUr kids do silly and fun things, and in the future they will get to watch the video and roll their eyes and laugh to.   

tiffs... tiffsender22

So so cute! Kids are so great, aren't they? :)

Firen... Firenygirl180

My son tried his first lemon when he was about 7 months old.  He became very interested in table food and we were out at a retaurant.  I made sure to take all the seeds out and he just sat there sucking on it.  Now we always give him the lemons or limes that come in our non-alcoholic drinks when we are out.

Asnal Abbas

happy birthday to you then!!! .............



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