New Vegan Book for Kids Brings Out the Haters

vegan book for kidsOh, vegans. I do admire you so and honestly wish I could do what you're doing. So much so that on occasion, I give it a shot. Admittedly, I just polished off a breakfast of bacon and eggs, but I do have much love for you and your kind. Except for the judge-y ones. You people can suck it.

Which is how most of you guys are going to feel about Ruby Roth's upcoming children's book, Vegan Is Love, I just know it. And Ms. Roth does herself no favors in this TODAY show interview where she comes off as just a wee bit sanctimonious.

I take no issue with the statements made in Vegan Is Love. I don't think we can argue the fact that animals do, in fact, die when they are prepped for our dinner table. And any death that is not natural and at the hands of a weapon is surely violent. I don't even think some kids will blink an eye at this information. After all, it's much more difficult to explain the opposite to a child -- that we kill and eat animals by choice.

So how come this book is bugging me and will surely bug many of you?

It could be my own waffling on the issue and therefore guilt seeping in that I enjoy burgers against my better judgment. But it's also that this book feels condescending to parents making different choices than the author. And we don't need any more of that. So the best thing to do is to leave this book to the vegan families and ignore those cute animals staring out at us from the book shelves.

Who am I kidding? This thing is going to sell a million copies, mostly to people who want to use it to light up their grill.

What do you think about teaching kids to be vegans?

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Jespren Jespren

This seems like a pretty normal book to be on a vegan's shelf. Like any lifestyle and/or belief why would you follow it if you didn't think it correct? That being said it's exactly the kind of foolishness that would royally tick me off if it was read to my young child by a teacher or class leader without my knowledge.

tonip... toniperoni

very pleased to see how tolerant the second half of comments are - awesome and all we really want!

MeAnd... MeAndTommyLee

"...he instinctively knows that eating animals is wrong."

RhondaVeggie -- Thanks.  That was truly priceless.  You proved in a single sentence the point of this blogger's article.


Qmama206 Qmama206

My only issue with the book is the violent images of Animals being hurt. I don't think veganism is bad, frankly i tried it ( not for spiritual reasons) and lost weight! A small child will not undserstand all that. Also the title of the book bothers me. If being a vegan is love is being non vegan hate? A small child will make that association and fear food. Fearing food as a young kid is never good. 

Katriena Young

Its a choice thats all it is.

nonmember avatar Dave

My reply is too long. If you're interested, I reply to a bunch of the comments here:

Jacks... Jacksmom7510

It will none the less draw a deeper boundry between children who don't eat meat and children who do but vegans have a right to raise their children believing that eating meat is killing, as it is. Though eating a plant is also killing a living creature, kids will want to know why one living creature is valued higher than an another. My husband is a hunter and we value the right to eat fresh, humanely killed meat, though most vegans I know think hunting is not humane. This book causes me no issues, it is probably a good book for most children to read as animals in the meat industry are murdered rather violently. We will teach our children that hunting and fishing are more honorable and a lot more work than grabbing a package of meat from the grocery aisle.

Mindf... Mindfulmommaof2

Simple solution,then don't read or buy the book.

nonmember avatar Zeme O

toniperoni this comment "meat eating is like a fat woman wearing a mini skirt - just because you can doesn't mean you should" was an extremely asinine an underhanded statement. your statement has nothing to do with the topic at hand and in fact shows your own prejudice, and further reveals the sanctimonious attitude being challenged by this blog post to begin with.

i agree with the comments about the types of teeth we have, once can't really argue with basic biology. i also think children should be given the space to decide for themselves without being overly influenced by their parents food/body image biases.

nonmember avatar Kim

I never comment on these posts mostly because what I would say has already been said. However, the tooth lady seemed to leave out the fact the we have canine teeth and that irritated me. Canine teeth are designed to tear into meat. Like the meat the cavemen "instinctively" hunted for. Incisors are meant to bite into things. Molars are meant to grind. Get your facts straight tooth lady and than you will have a valid arguement. Same goes for Rhonda. We are at the top of the food chain for a reason. With that being said if you want to raise your kids vegan go for it. I say as long as you are feeding your kids your doing a better job than some people.

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