New Vegan Book for Kids Brings Out the Haters

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vegan book for kidsOh, vegans. I do admire you so and honestly wish I could do what you're doing. So much so that on occasion, I give it a shot. Admittedly, I just polished off a breakfast of bacon and eggs, but I do have much love for you and your kind. Except for the judge-y ones. You people can suck it.

Which is how most of you guys are going to feel about Ruby Roth's upcoming children's book, Vegan Is Love, I just know it. And Ms. Roth does herself no favors in this TODAY show interview where she comes off as just a wee bit sanctimonious.

I take no issue with the statements made in Vegan Is Love. I don't think we can argue the fact that animals do, in fact, die when they are prepped for our dinner table. And any death that is not natural and at the hands of a weapon is surely violent. I don't even think some kids will blink an eye at this information. After all, it's much more difficult to explain the opposite to a child -- that we kill and eat animals by choice.

So how come this book is bugging me and will surely bug many of you?

It could be my own waffling on the issue and therefore guilt seeping in that I enjoy burgers against my better judgment. But it's also that this book feels condescending to parents making different choices than the author. And we don't need any more of that. So the best thing to do is to leave this book to the vegan families and ignore those cute animals staring out at us from the book shelves.

Who am I kidding? This thing is going to sell a million copies, mostly to people who want to use it to light up their grill.

What do you think about teaching kids to be vegans?

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GlowW... GlowWorm889

I second vanessa5470's comment. Humans ARE omnivores, like it or not. There is a reason why many people who try veganism end up getting sick. And why people who eat too much meat end up with congestive heart failure. Humans are not meant to eat only one or the other. A balanced diet is more important for a child than one that pushes a political agenda. Eating animals is not wrong. Animal cruelty before they die is wrong. Jeez.

nonmember avatar Dipole Moment

I will only accept the book author's underhanded premise that "eating hamburgers is violent and mean" if the same is applied to all organisms that eat meat. Not just big bad lions and tigers, but dogs (many breeds of which are a direct result of human wishing all sorts of mean violence on plague spreading rodents) and especially cats (which don't even have taste glands for fruits and vegetables).

Like that would ever happen.

the4m... the4mutts


"Instinctively knows" eating animals is wrong?

Well, you and him probably both flunked biology, or did you even make it past 6th grade life science?

We have sharp, and flat teeth. Wonder why that is, hm Rhonda?

Look, choose whatever diet you want for your family and yourself. Nobody gives 2 shits.

What we do give shits, &even giggles, about, is that sanctimommy *yah I said it* attitude you have about it.

Torra... TorranceMom

She didn't come off as even slightly sanctimonious to me. I'm not even close to being a vegan (or a vegetarian for that matter) and I don't see anything wrong with the book. It isn't saying anything that's untrue.

tonip... toniperoni

see what i mean about meat eaters getting all agro and defensive, what do you care if I eat meat or not.

I have been a healthy vegan for 20 plus years and never been sicker than anyone else I know. There are many different THEORIES about whether humans are made to eat meat or not, clearly it is not damaging not to  eat it if you watch what you eat (and not that closely either)

when you have state of the art health facilities such as the Cleveland clinic promoting a lacto ovo vegetarina diet as the premier diet then I don'tsee how you can say it is wrong.

Also I refuse to take eveolutionary lessons about human development from a country that admits 50% of its citizens believe the earth is under 6000 years old. When my incisor teeth grow to nearly twice the size of molar teeth I'll buy the argument.

meat eating is like a fat woman wearing a mini skirt - just because you can doesn't mean you should


puasa... puasaurusrex

Meh. I don't care. I like meat, and I'll continue to eat it. Get on with your bad self vegans!! Go you! I don't have the patience or desire to do so, but I think your dedication to it is awesome. My 3 year old is a vegetarian. Not for ethical reasons, because she doesn't understand that at her age and we've never discussed it at length (she knows chicken meat is like the chickens her aunt, uncle and cousins raise, and hamburgers are cows, but she's never asked HOW they come to be that way), but rather due to taste or preference. Whichever, I don't care. I love her and support her and if she continues this her entire life, I will continue to support her for it her entire life, incuding continuing to make separate vegetarian meals for her. If, when she's older, she decides to go vegan (which I doubt, seeing as she looooves cheese), I'll support her with that too and do whatever it takes to help her with her lifestyle. If that means that occasionally the entirity of our family have a vegetarian/vegan meal, then so be it.

If someone wants to buy a book to help their child understand their decision to be vegans, then that's completely fine to me. I don't need to buy it, and I won't. I don't feel like anything is being forced down my throat and I won't feel that way because I don't feel bad about it.

Andy Roth

Omnivores often get irate when someone suggests veganism is a more thoughtful, conscious, and healthy way to eat. Why not say, "Vegan-schmegan", and get on with your life? But people get mad and spend time writing acerbic comments on blogs condemning veganism, mostly in an ignorant fashion. There is psychological concept known as Cognitive Dissonance (CD). A lot of people already, even subconsciously, have a moral ambiguity about eating animals, (e.g. author of this article) but the idea is in conflict with their eating habits and lifestyle. In the case of CD, subjects will often choose the alternative most easily attained (e.g.,McDonald's vs a washed and prepped kale salad), while vehemently criticizing the other alternative. They become biased towards a decision even though environmental factors or health, favor another alternative . Smoking is a common example of CD. It is widely accepted that cigarettes are harmful to your health. Smokers must reconcile their unhealthy habit with the desire to live long and healthy lives. In terms of CD, the desire to live a long life is dissonant with the activity of doing something that will most likely shorten life. Tension produced by these contradictory ideas may be reduced by changes in cognitions or behaviors, including quitting smoking, but more often by denying the evidence linking smoking to lung cancer and heart disease. See any parallel with people hotly condemning a vegan diet?

Delamara Delamara

Yeah I wont lie...I made my husband quit smoking. I have 2 family members dying from problems caused by smoking and I wasn't going to stand by and let that happen to him. So yes...I convinced him to quit smoking b/c it ruins peoples lungs. That is a huge healthy life factor. However, eating meat doesn't make you unhealthy and neither does not eating meat. Things have to be done in moderation. Just because I love burgers doesn't mean I don't enjoy a salad here or there. I don't understand what is some wrong with just I'll do me and you do you. No feelings have to get hurt and no one's pride is stepped on. Live how you want to live! I'm about to go eat a pepperoni pizza, so I'm going to keep living how I choose to. 

jelly... jellyphish

There are lots of books dedicated to teach kids about different values different parents have. Children's bibles, And Tango Makes Three, kids' environmentalism books, etc. This is just another value that some parents want to teach their kids. So what? If it's not one you share, then don't teach your kids, but there's no reason for someone to get all huffy just because it's a value I have and will share with mine.

And, Vanessa, to answer your question, my vegan 4 year old knows all about how lions eat zebras and sharks eat fish; that some animals eat animals and some don't. She also knows some people eat animals, but we don't. She has no qualms with the fact that we don't need to pounce on a zebra to survive, or that we eat different foods than her cousins, and has never shown any interest in wanting to eat meat or dairy.

comf comf

My son is mostly vegan by choice, we offer him meat and dairy but the only dairy he will take is ice cream. I'm finicky on what I eat anyway so its whatever.

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