Sea Otters Play Adorable Game of 'Tag' With Little Girl (VIDEO)

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girl ottersThis is how much I love otters: When I was a teenager, a boy I was dating surprised me with a keychain shaped like an otter ... and even though I wasn't that into the guy, I kept dating him for months. All because he bought me an otter keychain!

So this video of an adorable little girl having her first otter encounter just kills me. It slays me!!

I've watched my kids do the same exact back-and-forth chase at our local aquarium countless times, and it never gets old. If not for the part about them needing water, otters would clearly make the perfect pets.

And guess what? If your little ones like otters, they'll love the secret trick an aquarium employee taught us one day:

Apparently otters (much like small children) love shiny things. So if you happen to have a not-too-dingy coin on your person, hold it up to the glass of the otter tank and wave it around. Insta-otters!

Although I'm pretty sure all this cutie had to do was run around:

Has your kid ever had an up close and personal encounter like this one with animals at an aquarium or zoo?


Image via JesseShort1977/YouTube

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Akash... AkashaGermaine

Yeah. When my DD was 18 months old we went to the Living Desert in Palm Desert, Ca. At the mountain lion exhibit she walked up to the glass window. So did the large female mountain lion. The cat sat down in front of the glass, watching DD the whole time, and just licked her lips. I was so thankful for the glass.

mistysun mistysun

Much better experience then what the male tapir did to my son at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, WA! Their Asian exhibit is designed with a building for guests to walk into that has windows into multiple enclosures for a close up view of several different animals and you can also walk around the enclosures for a more distant view. Well for some reason my so "was" fascinated with the male tapir so he was right up against the glass for several minutes just staring at him. I suppose the tapir just finally had enough, he stood up and walked right up to the glass. What he did next has me wishing to this day that I had a video camera instead of a standard camera!!! That ornery tapir proceeded to act like a male dog, lifted his hind leg and sprayed the glass right where my son was standing!!!!  My son jumped back a good 3 feet and yelled "thats DISGUSTING!!" in a high pitched voice and had us all laughing hysterically!  The only thing I could think to tell him was "aren't you glad that is a glass wall and not a fence?"

nonmember avatar Annie

Adorable and amazing. Would have let my kid play there all day. What an experience.

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