My Daughter's Bad Words


My daughter has a new favorite word: stupid. "Sunshine is stupid." "I don't want to wear my stupid shoes." "I love that stupid princess book!"

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I know, it could be worse. She could be talking like Sarah Silverman. Or my new name could be Stupid Mommy (check back with me next week on that). I don't think I'd even mind her stupid speak if she was a little older, but ...


I can't help cringing when I hear such a negative, adult term spouting from my 3-year-old's angelic little mouth. Other parents I know don't even flinch when their little ones use similarly negative adjectives. Stupid is in the dictionary, after all, it's not a curse word, and my daughter is using it grammatically. I tell her not to say it, but in typical toddler style, that does absolutely nothing. Do I give her a time out for something like that? Am I overreacting?

Your opinions, please!

What are some of the words your toddler says that make you cringe?

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