Parents Love Hearing Their 2-Year-Old Say the F-Word (VIDEO)

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fire pitAw, kids learning to say things. So cute! Almost as cute as kitten videos. Here's a little girl trying, over and over again, to say "fire pit." Except it sounds like she's saying "f*ck it." And her parents apparently cannot get enough of this hilarity. "Say fire pit! Say fire pit!" Parents, you are sick (in a good way!). Also, thank you for making this video. Except, can we talk about your back story?

The parents claim their daughter has never actually heard the words "f*ck it" from them, their friends, or anyone else ever, ever in her life. Really?!? How is that possible? By the time my son was her age, he'd heard that phrase from my mouth about (undisclosed number) times. Not on purpose, of course. I was trying really hard not to say that phrase or any of its cousins. Some folks have a hard time quitting smoking; I can't quit my swear words.

But hey, good job parents who never swear around their kid but can't get enough of her saying "f*ck." You'll treasure this moment when she's a teenager and says that phrase for real!

What words have your kids mangled when they were learning to talk?


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miche... micheledo

My husband and I don't swear at all.  As far as we know, our children have not been around someone who swears. 

Our oldest (6 years) named his pillow pet, Oopus Nookus.  His younger brother (4 years) named his pillow pet, Oopus Nookus Ass!!  :D  I love it! 

mlber... mlberry4172

With our oldest it was cotton balls (cock and balls). A phrase I am pretty sure he had never heard. Hours of entertainment.

justj... justjess09

When my 2.5 year old says sock it sounds like cocks. I was so confused the first time I heard him say it! Lol.

Ashly Tabor

my child couldnt say sit. it always came out as shit. it was funny. idc what anybody says.

Em Chappell-Root

My oldest used to call kit kats "sticks" except he said "dicks". He also LOVED a Thomas book that had Percy's mail car "crashing to bits" and would run into things and yell "Oh no Bits!" Except bits sounded like *itch. Percy, by the way, came out sounding like a name for a cat or a crude term for female genetalia. Hence my sister in law being convinced he was calling her a bitch (and I still dislike her for that) and my husband teaching him to say "Eat a stick Percy Bits" Yeah, kids will mix some stuff up. 


chels... chelsieb84

I get it's funny the first couple times and then it becomes a learning tool and you work with them.  Not post a video of them on youtube.  

shelb... shelbykarelynn

We get the same reaction with "Bucket" and chips comes out at SHITS!!! so it gets pretty hilarious when I tell her to get her bucket and I will give her some chips.... and she repeats me "%UCK IT SH!T$?" The things we let them get away with until they go to school!!! 

Melis... MelisaVaughan

My dad tried to teach me to say "sun over the beach" when I was about 2. Of course it came out son of a b*tch! He still thinks it is funny. I do too (a little any way). I never tried teaching my kids any swear words,but when they came out not so clean,I told them that it was a word for adults or a bad word, then worked with them on correct pronunciation. Of course it was all light hearted. 

Ashley Elaine White

LMAO at this! I love that parents can be honest. I mean c'mon, lighten up... It's funny. My daughter has the same reaction to "dump truck', sounding like "dumb f*ck". She doesn't know what it sounds like she's saying, and she's getting a kick out of making us laugh. Hours of giggles!


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