Heroic Toddler Saves Dad Who Suffered Seizure (VIDEO)

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logan gong

A 22-month-old boy from Lewisville, Texas is being viewed as a true hero after he watched his dad suffer a seizure and black out over the weekend, and proceeded to run for help in order to save him. You wouldn't think that a child under 2 would have the good sense to know that his father was in trouble, but this little guy is proof that you can't put an age on being able to recognize serious situations.

Logan Gong was watching his dad load his pickup truck in the driveway when the seizure occurred, and the boy knew that something was very wrong with his daddy and that he needed help immediately.

That's when this amazing little guy ran up the driveway, went into the garage, and started banging on the door to his house until his mother finally opened it. He looked at her and started yelling, "Da-da, Da-Da!" and then began tugging at her jeans and pulling her towards where his dad was lying unconscious.

She called 911 and the paramedics arrived, and then this adorable tot went one step further and placed a pillow near his father's head in an effort to comfort him. How incredibly sweet is that? He truly went above and beyond the call of duty in making sure that his daddy was going to be ok.

You can hear more about Logan's sweet and heroic story in the video clip below. Seeing him cuddle up to his proud daddy at the end will melt your heart!

Have you ever heard of a very young child recognizing a need for help like Logan did?


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femal... femaleMIKE

how sweet this toddler is.  So full of love and compassion.

After my grandfather died, my 2 year old nephew comforted my mother.  He went and grabbbed her a bandaid and asked where the booboo was. 

stron... strontium

Yay!! Im from Lewisville lol =)

nonmember avatar Taunya

This is just such a sweet and heart warming story. Logan's dad has a TRUE angel on earth.

Iyana... IyanaNana

Such a sweet and heart warming story. Logan is TRULY an angel on earth.

Mamma... MammaKittykitty

My 2 yr old does stuff like that all the time. Not  anything near as serious as that, thank God. If some one gets hurt around him, even a stranger, he immediately wants to help. Kinda sweet, and scary.doctor

Lilly... LillysMama0308

That is a very sweet story.. I know my girls always know when Iam upset for sure.. They both will come up to me and hug and kiss me to make things better..

Yolanda Estrada Muñoz

My mom always told us that because children are innocent beings they are more receptive to things that as adults we may not be as aware of. God bless this sweet baby...glad the dad is ok.

Noell... Noelle1210

high fiveI just want to high five that adorable little boy!

Tora Hayes

This story really touched my heart. The between Logan & his father will now grow even stronger than ever. This really was amazing.. Logan you are truly a HERO. Prayer's are with the family

Tora Hayes

This is truly a amazing story. Now this father & son will have a bond stronger than ever. And only the 2 of them will ever understand what brought them more closer as a father & son. Logan you are truly a HERO too us all.. My prayer's will be with you're family..toddler boy

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