Santorum Suspends Campaign for Truly Noble Reason (VIDEO)

bella santorumPresidential candidate Rick Santorum has just suspended his campaign in order to spend time with his daughter, Bella, who was just admitted to the hospital. The 3-year-old girl has Trisomy 18, a genetic condition that can result in organ disorders like abnormal heart development. This is actually the second time Santorum has put his campaign on hold while his daughter is in the hospital.

For a man who talks a lot about family values, Santorum definitely walks the walk. He's making his priorities impeccably clear right now.

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Trisomy 18 is a devastating condition that few babies survive. Every little incident could lead to death. Bella made a miraculous recovery at the end of January and we all hope she pulls out of her latest illness as well.

As much as I disagree with Santorum's politics, I do admire him for putting his family first, especially when they need him most, and especially at this crucial moment in the campaign. These could be his daughter's last days. And even if they're not, he and Karen need to support each other emotionally right now -- and their other children need them as well.

You could be cynical and say that he was losing to Romney anyway. At this point this could be a permanent suspension. But since this isn't the first time he's put the campaign on hold, I think he would have suspended regardless of how well he was doing in the race. Obviously Santorum cares more about his daughter than about becoming President. And that's the way it should be. Our hearts are with the Santorum family right now.

Do you think a presidential candidate should always put their family first, above even the presidency?


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chigi... chigirl1228

I wish his family well. I do not thnk this man should represent America but my heart reaches out to him during this trying time. I think he is very much doing the right thing.

nonmember avatar Shannon

I don't agree with his political stance at all and I don't want him to be our next president, but I am sorry his daughter is so ill. I think he is doing the right thing and I hope she recovers quickly.

Littl... LittleManMama

I absolutely agree with this article and I wish his family well. Although I disagree with his politics, I will say that this decision reflects a huge amount of integrity.

Stacey. Stacey.

Seeing as how his daughter has already outlived the time doctors give most people with her illness, I would think he would wait to run for president. he should be spending more time with her while she is "healthy" too making memories, not just when she is sick in the hospital.

nonmember avatar me

This pretty much indicates that he shouldnt be president. Presidents have to put the country first.

I do think he is a good dad.

Jespren Jespren

I think a contender for President should put his family first, but the moment you are sworn into office, just like some other jobs like soldier or various law enforcements, the job has to come first. It's a commitment and sacrifice the whole family makes, not just the one elected. Doing this on the campaign trail? Good for him. But if he were ever to take office i'd expect something different.

Pamal... PamalaLauren

That's the only thing I worry about, should he win (I so hope not) he won't be able to put the presidency on hold for his family. So it might be a good idea for him to wait a bit. Although this is what he should do, and anyone can have an emergency that results in serious family issues, but it's different when you already know these are likely.

Senia... Seniahmom

He never should have begun his campaign. Due to her condition her time on this earth is finite - the rigors of campaign could wait.

nonmember avatar Caty

This is not because she is sick. He was going to lose Pennsylvania and be can't do that and be viable for 2016. I feel bad this child is ill, it is a shame that is for sure.

He is not fooling me. He had not spent much money or time in PA prior to her illness. This is merely an unhappy coincidence.

He is an appalling hypocrite to decry access to care for other little children and blithely spend millions that he "earned" selling political favors to care for his own child. He is a rat. There is nothing remotely admirable about him.

If the president has an ill family member the show goes on. That is part of the reality of the position of commander in chief. Ask any long term veteran, having people sick at home does not get you an automatic pass to suspend your services. I expect no less from the president than was expected of me.

Susan Delly

Presidency is not a job that should come 2nd to anything... sadly, even family.  A family going into a white house must know and accept that fact.  

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