‘Confessions of a Scary Mommy’ Book Is Addictive, Hilarious Fun

Jill Smokler Scary Mommy

Confession: Scary Mommy Jill Smokler is awesome. And not just because Kathie Lee called her "smokin'" or Billy Ray Cyrus (you know, Miley's dad) said she has a "cool" last name while talking about her new book on the Today show today. Jill is an awesome mom blogger because she keeps it real and allows all the rest of us who screw up on a regular basis to keep it real, too. Confessions of a Scary Mommy, also the name of Jill's blog, is THE book you should be giving all moms-to-be and new mothers so they can get that notion of being "perfect" out of their mommy brains as soon as possible when they start having perfectly normal terrible thoughts like this:


Everyone thinks I'm such a great mom for teaching my daughter how to read already. It wasn't me. It was the LeapFrog pen. I had no idea she could read.

When I send thank-you notes to people I don't like, I dump an ass-load of glitter or confetti in the envelope just to passive-aggressively piss them off.

There's a brat bullying my kid at school. It's taking all of my might not to trip him every time I see him walking down the hallway.

I "accidentally" tripped a child on the playground yesterday.

I sometimes try to get sick, just so I have an excuse to go to sleep at 6 p.m.

My pregnancy has been blissfully easy, but I pretend to be crippled with exhaustion just so I can be alone. Otherwise, I might kill my husband.

Newborns are UGLY. Yes, even mine.

I'm 38 years old and I still pee in the pool.

Most nights, I end up doing my son's homework for him. It's wrong, but just so much easier.

I knew my daughter had lice but I sent her to school anyway because I didn't want to cancel my hair appointment.

Jill's book is a collection of the best confessions from her site, as well as some personal stories about becoming a mom and some of her own challenges and thoughts to put it all in perspective. Reading those confessions is pretty addicting and they make you feel pretty darn good.

But if you want more, you'll just have to order Jill's book, it's on sale now. You can also watch Jill's appearance on the Today show this morning -- she was on the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. time slots. She rocked it.

Care to confess anything yourself today? What's your biggest mommy confession?

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