Top 10 Reasons Other People Think I'm a Bad Parent

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There's no end to the competition of parenthood. The way some people treat parenting, it's an extreme cage match. Not me, though. Through parenting special needs kids to birthing a child with a nearly-always-fatal birth defect, I've learned that parenting, like anything else, should be a live and let live.

I stopped judging people for sport eight -- or so -- years ago. It just seems so pointless to spend my precious time thinking about other people and how much better I am than they are. I'd rather sit around watching dancing cat videos than get all "Parenting: U R Doing It Wrong."

So I've let myself go -- and now I am one of those "bad parents." Here are some of the things I do:

1) I happily let my 5-year-old son wear his butterfly costume out in public. When it's an ordinary Tuesday -- not Halloween. 

2) My kids have learned to strip to their underwear as they walk in the house. They know pants are bullshit.

3) I proudly declare that I write a blog called, "Mommy Wants Vodka."

4) I let my younger two children run around in the backyard in their undies (or diaper), neighbors be damned.

5) I once recorded, and displayed on the Internet, a video of my daughter dancing in her diaper to the theme song from Dexter

6) I'm convinced purple is, in fact, a flavor.

7) I'm a happily working mother -- I know I'm happier when I can take some time away from my kids.

8) I think crafts are bullshit ... but I do them anyway.

9) I don't throw my kids in the bath every day.

10) I'd rather skew my eyeballs out than join the PTA.

How about you? What makes YOU a Bad Parent in the eyes of other parents?

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AHowa... AHoward66

I'm guilty of a couple of those too so throw me into the bad mommy pile!!

lifeh... lifehappy

Lol. We have quite a lot in common, especially the bit about the PTA.

nursemc nursemc

I occasionally let my children.. GASP shield your ears! drink soda. Yes soda, and no not sugar free, caffeine free. Pepsi. And my 11 year old and I have coffee together on Saturday mornings, so there. Worse than that, ready for this? I let my children play outside by themselves just like I did as a child. Sometimes I even let them go to people's houses whose parents I have not done a full background check on.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I'm pretty much like that. Except the boy wearing butterfly wings. No son of mine will wear girls clothing/costume, makeup or nail polish.

linzemae linzemae

You are not a bad mom for #1! Kids should be able to express themselves as freely as they want.... They grow up too fast as it is

pezch... pezcharlotte

Why are butterfly wings automatically considered a part of girls clothing?


nonmember avatar Gertie

My house is kinda a disaster. I mean its clean... just not....mmmm.... pretty.

Jodi 'Box' Crain

Guilty! Guess I go in the bad mommy pile too lol

nonmember avatar cherry

hahaha! Tell it like it is. Sounds fun but i don't have the heart to let mine run around in diapers. Bath, we do them in the morning and before bed. Yay for sotumes! I love Aunt Becky's posts.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

I let my kids eat candy and cookies for breakfast sometimes because so do I.  I let them watch way too much tv including SCARY movies that may scar them for life.  I let them run around messy with their clothes stained and their hair standing up because as soon as they get cleaned up they get messed up again so why fight it?  I let them stay up late on weekends so we can sleep in the family bed LATE the next morning.  I will let them eat things off the floor in our home, a little dirt/germs won't kill them. 

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