Top 10 Reasons Other People Think I'm a Bad Parent

Aunt Becky
Being a Mom

There's no end to the competition of parenthood. The way some people treat parenting, it's an extreme cage match. Not me, though. Through parenting special needs kids to birthing a child with a nearly-always-fatal birth defect, I've learned that parenting, like anything else, should be a live and let live.

I stopped judging people for sport eight -- or so -- years ago. It just seems so pointless to spend my precious time thinking about other people and how much better I am than they are. I'd rather sit around watching dancing cat videos than get all "Parenting: U R Doing It Wrong."

So I've let myself go -- and now I am one of those "bad parents." Here are some of the things I do:

1) I happily let my 5-year-old son wear his butterfly costume out in public. When it's an ordinary Tuesday -- not Halloween. 

2) My kids have learned to strip to their underwear as they walk in the house. They know pants are bullshit.

3) I proudly declare that I write a blog called, "Mommy Wants Vodka."

4) I let my younger two children run around in the backyard in their undies (or diaper), neighbors be damned.

5) I once recorded, and displayed on the Internet, a video of my daughter dancing in her diaper to the theme song from Dexter

6) I'm convinced purple is, in fact, a flavor.

7) I'm a happily working mother -- I know I'm happier when I can take some time away from my kids.

8) I think crafts are bullshit ... but I do them anyway.

9) I don't throw my kids in the bath every day.

10) I'd rather skew my eyeballs out than join the PTA.

How about you? What makes YOU a Bad Parent in the eyes of other parents?

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