7 Easter Bunny Photos That Will Crack You Up (PHOTOS)

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easter bunnyI don't claim to be the most religious woman on the block, but Easter has long-been one of my favorite holidays. It always (knock wood) seems to fall on a day that's lovely and warm and sunny, signifying the real start of spring. It's not one of those stressful holidays, where you have to shop for gifts, wrap gifts, and generally drive yourself mad. And, of course, there are giant bunnies. And with giant bunnies come hilarious photos of kids (with giant bunnies).

No matter what your beliefs are or what your religion is, be grateful for Easter. For without it, we wouldn't have these adorable and hysterical Easter Bunny photos.

Don't be scared, kids, dude just wants to give you candy.





easter bunny

He's not terrified. He's not excited. He really just isn't impressed by the Easter Bunny. He's one cool cat.

easter bunny

What?! Is that that a ridiculously scary Easter Bunny behind me ... who looks like he's going to eat me?! It is? Okay, just checking.

easter bunny

Me eat Easter Bunny. Nom. Nom. Nom!

easter bunny

Just another kid, unimpressed with Mr. Bunny.

easter bunny

That's more like it!

easter bunny

And there's the screaming kid.

easter bunny

And another one ... E for effort, though, Mom!

How cute are these? Do you have any pics of your kids, traumatized by the Easter Bunny or other characters?


Images via Erik A Johnson/kylewest/Sam Pullara/chunky salsa/cletch/cletch/CosmoPolitician/Erik A Johnson/Flickr


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PAmom... PAmommy32

My son is just over 2 yrs old and we currently have 2 Easter Bunny pictures and 2 Santa pictures with a very concerned or upset baby in them.  I am going to try the bunny again this year; hope I can finally get a good one.


Lance... LancesMom

These are awesome!

mesai mesai

My oldest DD didn't get her picture with the Easter Bunny when she was almost 2. We were at the mall, and I had unbuckled her from her stroller, and was about to get her out and into the line... she couldn't get herself buckled back into the stroller fast enough (and this is a kid who usually can't get out of the stroller fast enough)... It was really very comical...

Katriena Young

My little cousin is like this. She is fine as long as the Bunny or Santa is on the other side of the room and she is in her stroller. The mintue they come near her and she is out of that stroller and up in daddy's arms in a heart beat.

amonk... amonkeymom

My kids think the EB is creepy and won't go near him.... then again, they don't care much for Santa, clowns or the Red Robin bird (at the restaurants) either.. Lol

nonmember avatar KristiC.

I LOL'd when I saw the bunny holding the girl in the red jacket... who designed that thing?! :D

Audre... Audreesmommy757

yes we have a really funny one wish i could send it in lol

DNewman DNewman

Wow that one bunny looks like its ready to bite the kids head off! haha!

Avitar Avitar

Big ass Rabbits are scary!

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