5 Worst Communicable Diseases You Pick up in Pre-School

pre-school illnesses
1 Down, 4 to Go
Ahh, pre-school. That wonderful time in your toddler's life when he leaves the nest, and gives you a break. What's not to like about socializing the little ones while allowing you to work or nap? Your kiddo will be bringing home the most adorable "art" projects, and if you're at an especially fancy pre-school -- a yearbook to remember his time at this perfect, innocent age.

But that's not the only thing these little germ catchers bring home. Unfortunately, you're also going to be in for a lot more of the disgusting once little Johnny goes head-to-head with Timmy. And it will not be nearly as cute as the end-of-year talent show they put on for mom and dad.

Here's what your toddler is likely to catch when she steps into her pre-school:



Lice -- Lice happens, and it's totally horrific. It also takes awhile to get rid of lice on account of the nits (eggs) that have been laid in your tiny baby's hair. You'll freak out, it's guaranteed.

Pinworms -- I had a friend who's little gal caught these from another kid and was faced with massive stomach problems (undiagnosed) for years. It's pretty much the worst.

Pink Eye -- Another one the whole family will be able to enjoy, those itchy, red, oozing eyes go around a classroom faster than a "free candy at recess" rumor.

Ringworm -- Somehow not as awful as pinworms since they don't lay eggs in your child's butt, but still disgusting. Ringworm is a fungal infection that leaves a nice scaly half-circle on your child's skin, or scalp. Attractive!

Scarlet Fever -- I didn't even know this was a "thing" until my daughter caught it from her friend. Apparently it did not go out with spats, and in fact is something that can happen immediately following strep throat. Yet another something you can expect to catch (all of you) as your kids head off to the germ factory.

Disgusting, right? Do yourself a favor, and put your pediatrician on speed dial for the next five years.

Has your child caught any or all of these yet?

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