Sweet Little Boy Gives NYC Taxi Driver the Best Tip (VIDEO)

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kellen cab rideIf you've never been to NYC, there's something you should know before watching this video: The average conversation with a taxi driver doesn't involve spontaneous declarations of love or thoughtful inquiries about the well-being of family members. Just wanted to make that clear, lest you think what happens in this video is an everyday occurrence.

Maybe it's because 3-year-old Kellen is from out of town, or maybe it's because he's 3, or maybe this ride was just a perfect storm of kind-hearted cabbie, curious kid and easy-going parents.

Whatever the case, I can tell you two things for certain:

1. Kellen made this cab driver's day. Made his week! Maybe even his month.

2. You'll never look at a random taxi driver in quite the same way after watching this video. Maybe you'll never look at a random anybody in quite the same way again.

Just watch ...

I think my favorite line is "I love you, but I have to go with my family."

Well said, Kellen.

Can you see your kid doing something like this?


Image via katesadventures/YouTube

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the3Rs the3Rs

Cute, but I'm confused.  Kids don't need car seats or seatbelts in taxi cabs??

nonmember avatar ZoesMom

First, that kid is adorable! Secondly, no you do not need a carseat to ride in a taxi (or the subway trains for that matter) Being from NY myself, many mothers in the city who do not own a car, don't even own a carseat... it's a different life!!!

nonmember avatar ZoesMom

Furthermore, cause I know it's coming... (From NY website on child safety seats)

Does the law apply to taxis and buses?

No. Liveries, taxis, and public transportation buses are exempt from the occupant restraint law. However, children under the age of four must be restrained in a federally approved car seat while riding on a school bus [Section 1229-c(11), NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law].

There ya go.

Amy Collins

Am I the only one who saw the man mouth the words as the boy said "i have to go with my family"?

Blaze Hazen

I seen it too Amy!

nonmember avatar EHR

when my daughter was born in 2009 (edmonton, ab) I didn't have a carseat. The hospital would not let me leave obviously without one.I asked them if they have one that they loan out when needed...the hospital checked and came back to tell me that the only one they found was "expired". Instead the only other way I was allowed to leave with my newborn baby was in a taxi and no carseat!!! Rather than with an "expired carseat" with a family member who too has had a driver's license all their life. ???

nonmember avatar anon

no, you don't have to use a car seat in a taxi. Kids under 7 are allowed to sit in your lap or you can bring your own and the driver has to let you install it but I've never seen anyone do it and I've lived in NYC all my life. It might sound strange but ZoesMom is right, most mothers don't own car seats - I don't - and most New Yorkers don't own cars...it's definitely 'a different life'! It's just the way we do things around here.

Amy Collins

Thank goodness someone else noticed! lol...I also wondered why someone was recording to begin with?  Took away any cuteness pretty quickly.

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